Book your demo to find out why over 95 NHS colleagues across 60 organisations attended our latest NHS At Work Rostering webinar on Agenda for Change.

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NHS Emeritus 

Shifts now being booked, connecting NHS organisations with the first wave of recently retired NHS clinicians.

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NEW Report – Relearning the ABCs 

Overcoming the challenges faced by the NHS; Active Solutions, Balancing the Books, Caring for Communities

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Agency staff expenditure is a long-standing challenge in the NHS, and trusts and health boards have predominantly focused on tackling ‘agency spend amplifiers’. Read how we’re currently supporting over 50 NHS organisations to break the cycle.

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Hear how Northumbria NHS Foundation Trust and Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust have built effective collaborative staff banks in the NHS.

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Grip, control and reduce NHS agency spend with our six-point plan – gain measurable improvements in all areas of workforce management and progress your workforce transformation journey.

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Who We Are

Trusted to deliver NHS workforce transformation. Realising the potential of the NHS workforce.

We are trusted to deliver NHS workforce transformation, exceptional experiences and unique actionable insights with our interoperable, feature-rich, app-enabled platform, supported by our experts and advanced technology.

Workforce Platform

An interoperable, feature-rich, app-enabled platform, supported by experts and advanced technology that delivers exceptional experiences, unique actionable insights and NHS workforce transformation.

Flexible Workforce

A technology platform, with a mobile app, that manages the end-to-end process for your flexible workforce across all staff groups and with full integration to our rostering solution.

Workforce Optimisation

Solutions that provide effective analysis and insights for workforce transformation across the NHS.

Retention & Wellbeing

Supporting the emotional and financial health and wellbeing of staff through a programme of tailored features and solutions that lead to better retention.


Supporting Modules

These modules underpin the mii platform and enable system interoperability, intelligent reporting and smarter working through technology.

Workforce Platform

An interoperable, feature-rich, app-enabled platform, supported by experts and advanced technology that delivers exceptional experiences, unique actionable insights, and NHS workforce transformation.

The platform facilitates a shared vision for procurement, data, intelligence, and best practice to drive improvements.

Hear how Northumbria NHS FT and Torbay and South Devon NHS FT

have built effective collaborative staff banks in the NHS.

Solutions To Support Your Current NHS Challenges


I want to enhance my agency supply chain, gain better visibility on agency usage and reduce my agency costs.

I want to understand what is happening with my people on the ground and get key data and insights that help me measure wellbeing, understand retention risks, find out about future recruitment demand earlier and understand L&D needs.

I want to obtain meaningful people data, understand root causes for workforce demand and automate my workforce board pack which currently takes too long.

I want to improve patient discharge and reduce excess bed days using virtual wards.

I want to improve Patient Initiated Follow-Up (PIFU) rates to release elective recovery capacity.

I want to improve task-driven processes to increase efficiency and capacity.

I want to get a grip and control agency spending.

I want to attract more staff to my internal and collaborative bank.

What Our Partners Say

“An exciting opportunity for recently retired doctors to contribute in a flexible manner that works for them. For consultants/SAS doctors who do the major part of their clinical work for NHS Emeritus, will be supported for their revalidation process. They will be offered opportunities for appraisal, including the storage of CPD data via a digital platform, review of safety incidents (if any), and an access to a qualified appraiser.”

Dr Rahul Chodhari

Medical Director for NHS Emeritus and Consultant Paediatrician

“Our technology ensures that recently retired consultants can be matched to NHS acute trusts that require their expertise. We’re delighted to be able to support this project, which will help reduce the backlog, alleviate pressures on trusts, and provide high quality care for patients and their loved ones.”

Judith Shaw

Liaison Workforce Managing Director

“I honestly have to say that in my years of working for the NHS I have never had a better experience during the implementation of a new system. I thought that the training session was great and it was nice for Liaison to actually have us use the system whilst they were explaining the process and walking us through this. I find the system easy to use and intuitive, so much better than our previous incumbent.”

Andy Morgan

Assistance Directorate Manager for Specialty Medicine, Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation

“We use the TempRE system for DE agency and bank usage, to enable us to optimise our medical workforce management. The TempRE system has greatly assisted us with this – we have significantly reduced agency spend and increased our bank usage. We are frequently asked to provide various reports on locum spend and usage, and the Reporting Team have been wonderful in supporting us. They provide regular and bespoke reports and data, sometimes at very short notice. We also have regular review meetings, which are invaluable for highlighting areas of high spend and improvement. Well done to the Liaison Workforce team, and we look forward to continuing to work with them!”

Pat Pedley

Medical Staffing Manager, Walsall Healthcare Trust

“I’ve found Liaison really engaged. The previous e-roster solution we were utilising were very hands-off, very training-guide driven. They delegated a lot of the aspects that you’d expect as part of an implementation process directly to us when we were looking for that support generally. We’ve found Liaison far more engaged, they’ve been on-site and available and it’s been really useful working with them. They’ve been very open and detailed in their methodologies too which is really helpful. We have regular catch ups and meetings which are always really well attended from the Liaison side – they’ve been really available.”

Nicholas Chappels

Associate Director of Medical Workforce, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire

“Thank you for supporting me before, during and after the move to remote working”

Iain MacAskill

Senior Customer Support Specialist

“Getting used to MS Teams really helped with my initial concerns. We had regular meetings/check-ups, so the team were ok through the difficult time we were in.”

Thomas Macdonald

Senior Payroll Administrator

“It was scary at the start to think of working home alone every day – I was worried I would feel lonely and wondered if I would be as productive at home, but I quickly got used to it. It helped that one of Liaison’s top priorities was everyone’s wellbeing during the pandemic and for me it hasn’t changed 3 years later. Liaison still has everyone’s wellbeing as one of their top priorities and it really shows they care for their employees.”

Lydia Holtham

Support Team Leader

“I believe we have been successful because Liaison made an effort to ensure we can have in-person meet-ups and catch-ups online, including colleagues who live far away, for whom travel has been covered and they haven’t been left out. I feel Liaison want us to be happy and you can see this with the company days and coffee vouchers and other perks we have. If all companies took this approach, I feel they would have happier remote workers.”

Support Specialist

“NHS At Work gives you the information you need, monitors everything a Trust needs to, and it’s easy to use – it’s spot on”

E-Rostering Implementation Manager

University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust

Our NHS Partners

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