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Helping NHS organisations on their journey to become workforce exemplars.
Liaison Workforce delivers programmes to drive measurable improvement in all areas of workforce management.

We are a trusted health economy partner, saving millions for reinvestment in health and social care providing actionable insights through expert support, guidance and detailed management reporting & benchmarking.

Our dedicated team of highly trained experts, access to data and industry leading technology provide a comprehensive range of services for all areas of healthcare workforce management including bank, collaborative bank, fixed term workers, rostering optimisation and workforce advisory services.

We offer proven workforce management systems and advisory services that not only generate significant savings but deliver strategic insights and operational value.

As part of the Liaison Group, Liaison Workforce provides scale, security and an ongoing investment in excellence, innovation and technology to support service delivery and improve the health economy.


Health Economy Workforce Effectiveness

We are a trusted global health economy partner, saving millions for reinvestment in health and social care through expert support, guidance, and detailed management reporting that provides actionable and supported insights.

Through TempRE we offer a proven processes model that manages the complete end-to-end employment life cycle from vacancy through to payment on a weekly payroll. With the recent introduction of National Pricing we not only generate significant savings but demonstrate real financial and operational value. As part of the Liaison Group, Liaison Workforce provides scale, security and an ongoing investment in excellence, innovation and technology to improve global health economy.


(NHS) Health Workforce Solutions

Our partnership approach, access to data, healthcare knowledge, insights and leading edge technology support a comprehensive range of programmes for all areas of workforce management including clear and concise NHS workforce market updates, benchmarking, collaborative working, optimisation and advisory services.

Our clients across the NHS use Liaison Workforce management tools to generate significant savings, that can be used to promote better patient outcomes and workforce wellbeing.

Liaison Workforce has been selected by over 60 trusts and health boards to be their partner on their NHS workforce transformation journey; helping them in reducing temporary staffing costs, developing stronger staff banks and collaborating with fellow organisations through our managed programmes designed for and with the NHS. Each client embarks on a journey which Liaison Workforce is proud to both pioneer and support.

The global healthcare landscape is constantly changing and the need for healthcare organisations to transform services and review workforce models to meet the changing demand is ever increasing.

However, change also brings an opportunity for healthcare organisations to radically transform workforce planning and service delivery to enhance quality of care, workforce engagement and financial performance.

Liaison Workforce understands these challenges and opportunities, with over 30 years’ experience working with healthcare organisations we’ve created solutions and services that support clients on their transformation journey.

Ageing population
Workforce shortages
Changing service delivery
New skills and roles for healthcare workers
Increased financial pressures of delivering high quality care systems
Political & legal impacts on leadership and the healthcare environment
Workforce optimisation
Workforce intelligence
Workforce management
Collaborative working
Liaison Workforce – research

Our research team brings together data from across the healthcare industry and provides insights into NHS workforce trends and influencers facing healthcare organisations today and tomorrow.

Liaison Workforce publishes these insights through our Taking the Temperature series and our Workforce Index reports. We also provide NHS Organisations with our NHS Directors’ Booking Rate Index ® report which provides actionable insights into temporary shift bookings that may have breached NHSI capped rates or director sign off limits.

Liaison Workforce – optimisation

Root cause analysis for NHS workforce transformation.

Assessment and alignment of key workforce areas, proactive analytics and manager workshops can reduce the reliance on temporary staff and increase workforce effectiveness.

E Rostering
Recruitment and retention
Flexible working
Liaison Workforce – intelligence

Liaison Workforce intelligently combines all staff data together, automatically finds important insights, and informs users in straightforward, clear sentences. NHS organisations gain accessible and understandable HR analytics to support evidence-based decisions that affect workforce efficiency and effectiveness.

The system is delivered ‘fully loaded’ with your data and with reports and dashboards analysing all key areas. On-going resource requirements are minimal. There is a net gain because of time savings in the automation of report packs and the ability to respond to complex ad-hoc report requests in minutes rather than hours, or even days.

Liaison Workforce – client support

Underpinning all our work is a very real sense of purpose. We pride ourselves on the culture and skills of our colleagues. Liaison Workforce’s customer service and service centre teams have a passion for what they do and want to make a difference in the health service, that really matters to us all.

  1. All our implementations are fully supported by our highly skilled onsite teams who remain with you throughout your journey with Liaison Workforce. From implementing up to date and innovative tech solutions, delivering onsite CPD training modules to help client staff to maximise utilisation of the services, we will continuously support all our programmes with workforce professionals.
  2. In addition, our UK based support centre gives the NHS, agencies and workers specialist remote support for technical and service queries via telephone and online access to a standard that draws favourable comparison to the best centres in the UK.

Our managed services provide NHS organisations with accelerated pace of change that is needed by them to drive measurable and sustainable efficiencies across our client base.

Liaison Workforce – management technology

Our temporary workforce management platform delivers tangible benefits for the NHS, agencies and workers. Combining contracting & compliance, timesheet authorisation, weekly payroll & disbursements in a simple process.

TempRE supports trust finance processes and agency tiering arrangements, delivering rate management and control and influencing demand management through authorisation requirements throughout the booking process.

  1. Mobile access

    Maximise fill rates with the Liaison Workforce TempRE mobile app. Workers receive notification of bank shifts relevant to their skills and availability and can confirm shifts, sign contracts, and submit timesheets and expenses in real time, on the move.

  2. Bank

    Use your substantive workforce to fill extra shifts by building a bank of workers. Then fill vacant shifts with bank workers before releasing vacancies to your chosen agencies for the most cost-effective supply. All managed through the TempRE platform and supported by our onsite teams who work with you to drive and maintain bank growth and ultimately a reduction in agency spend, while maintaining safe staffing levels.

Liaison Workforce has both experience and expertise in supporting NHS organisations to effectively collaborate to deliver improvements in workforce planning and management.

Our people, technology and data enable cross-system working, including collaborative banks, giving medical staff the flexibility to work across different organisations as well as facilitating the sharing of information such as HR records and statutory and mandatory training.

Working with the Lead Employer Trust (LET), Liaison Workforce designed and facilitated a collaborative bank (Flexishift) in the North East and North Cumbria – the first of its kind. Utilising our own software, app-based technology and onsite staff presence, we continue to deliver tangible results. Eight trusts now form part of the ‘Flexishift’ collaborative bank, with 1,055 doctors registered across 35 specialties. Click here to visit the website.

In October 2020, Liaison Workforce will facilitate the launch of the Southwest Peninsula Collaborative bank, bringing together five NHS healthcare providers from across the south west of England to increase the flexibility they can offer for clinical staff, delivering savings and increasing the quality of care to patients across the region. Click here to visit the website. 

To find out more about collaborative working and collaborative banks, get in touch here.


Our clients treat us as a partner on their workforce journey – using our research, benchmarking and programmes to improve a variety of workforce measures, with the aim of achieving material impact on better patient outcomes and financial wellbeing.

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The TempRE app uses the latest mobile technology to complement our dedicated on-site service teams and award winning helpdesk support.
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