Analytics and Pathway

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Analytics and Pathway Improvement

  • Service Pathway analysis and issue identification
  • Intermediate Care Pathways – admission prevention and hospital discharge
  • Length of stay (LoS) analysis
  • Frequent attenders’ analysis and plans

Incorporating analytics into these pathways provides a data-driven approach to identifying areas for improvement, optimising processes, and enhancing patient outcomes. Regular reviews and adjustments based on feedback and data analysis contribute to ongoing pathway improvement.

Pathway Analysis

Pathway analysis involves evidence-based evaluation and optimisation of the various routes patients take through the healthcare system from the initial point of entry to the point of discharge or completion of treatment. It aims to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and patient satisfaction throughout the healthcare journey.

Conducting regular pathway analysis for the NHS involves a systematic review of the patient journey, incorporating feedback from various stakeholders, and making adjustments to improve efficiency, communication, and overall patient experience. The goal is to help create a well-coordinated and patient-centred healthcare system for the ICB.

“The foundation of any thriving relationship lies in the dedication to understanding and supporting each other, and one of the standout qualities of our collaboration is the consistent and effective communication we’ve maintained throughout the relationship. Regular updates, prompt responses, and a shared commitment to keeping each other informed have been instrumental in the delivery of our projects.”

Sally Dore, Assistant Director of Nursing and Quality
NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICB

Intermediate Care
Pathway Analytics

  • Flow and BAU analysis (including length of stay and hidden lag, transition interdependencies, discharge delay and high value care outcomes)
  • Analysis of People who draw upon Intensive or Frequent Support 
  • Admission Prevention Solutions – based upon evidence, experience from people who draw on support and collective innovation
  • Detailed insights based upon Assess /Reach, Personal Outcomes, Service Performance Inputs & Outputs, Value Add and Costs 
  • Actionable Solutions for Integrated Care – short, medium and long term improvement

Bringing analytics and actionable solutions into intermediate care pathways ensures a comprehensive approach to improving patient flow, addressing the needs of high-utilisation individuals and optimising the overall effectiveness and value of intermediate care services.

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