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Our Enhanced Service is designed for organisations seeking a transformative boost to their existing operations.

With a flexible 6–12-month contract, our goal is to overlay and enhance your current service, driving service improvement through a comprehensive approach involving analysis, process optimisation, coaching/role modelling, improvement plans, benefit realisation, and cost control.

Benefits of Our Enhanced Service

Improved Service Delivery

Experience a noticeable enhancement in the delivery of your services, leading to increased efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Consistency in Evidence-Focused Decision Making

Our approach promotes consistency in decision-making, emphasizing evidence-based practices for more reliable outcomes.

Reduction in Forecast and Recurrent Spend

Benefit from reduced forecasted spending and recurrent costs, allowing for better financial management and resource optimisation.

Increase in Quality Inputs and Outputs

Witness an increase in the quality of both inputs and outputs, contributing to an overall improvement in the effectiveness of your operations.


Transformation Support

Beyond the primary contract, our Enhanced Service offers additional transformation support.

This includes revising processes and protocols, refining commissioning frameworks, and ensuring contract compliance to drive ongoing improvements.

Choose our Enhanced Service for a transformative journey that goes beyond traditional service enhancement. Partner with us to achieve lasting improvements in service delivery, cost control, and overall operational excellence. Contact us today to explore how our tailored approach can elevate your organisation’s performance.

Key Features

6–12-Month Contract

Our service offers a flexible contract duration, allowing us to work alongside your existing operations for a period of 6 to 12 months, or longer.

Service Improvement

We focus on enhancing your service through a multifaceted approach that includes in-depth analysis, coaching, role modelling, and the implementation of targeted improvement plans.

Benefit Realisation:

Our team is dedicated to realising tangible benefits from the enhancements made during our contract period, ensuring measurable and sustainable improvements.

Cost Control

We prioritise cost control measures, aiming for a reduction in both forecasted and recurrent spending, optimising your financial resources with transparency and consistency.


Consistency and Quality Improvement

Our service aims to establish consistency in service delivery and elevate the quality of both inputs and outputs, fostering a culture of excellence.

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