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At Liaison Care, we understand the importance of adopting and maintaining the best practices in healthcare.

Our Best Practice Service is designed to elevate your organisation’s standards through meticulous sampling and evaluation of ‘as is’ positions. We specialise in providing best practice examples, revised protocols, and policies, with a focus on areas such as Continuing Healthcare (CHC), Children and Young People (CYP), and Mental Health (MH) packages of care.

Benefits of Our Best Practice Services

Cost Avoidance and Reduction

Benefit from cost avoidance and cost reduction strategies, ensuring efficient use of resources and financial sustainability.

Evidence-Based Improvement Plan

Receive an evidence-based improvement plan that aligns with your organisational goals and regulatory requirements.

Best Practice Assurance

Our services assure the implementation of best practices against national frameworks and guidance, ensuring compliance and quality.

Consistency and High-Quality Approaches

Experience the application of consistency and high-quality approaches across your healthcare services, promoting excellence in patient care.

Assessment, Review, and Transformation Work

Our Best Practice Service goes beyond just recommendations.

We provide accompanying services, including assessments, reviews, analytics and transformation support, ensuring a comprehensive approach to enhancing your healthcare practices.

Choose Liaison Care for a transformative journey towards best practices in healthcare. Contact us today to explore how our services can help your organisation achieve cost efficiency, evidence-based improvements, and adherence to the highest standards of care.

Key Features

Sampling and Evaluation

We conduct thorough sampling and evaluation of your current ‘as is’ positions, identifying areas for improvement and optimisation.


Best Practice Examples

Our service provides practical and proven best practice examples, tailored to your specific healthcare context.

Revised Protocols and Policies

We offer applied improvement by revising protocols and policies, aligned with the current framework standards and guidelines.

Recommendations and Actions

Our team delivers clear recommendations and actionable steps to facilitate the implementation of best practices within your organisation.


Evidence-Based Reports

Our reports are meticulously crafted and evidence-based, offering a thorough understanding of your healthcare system’s ‘as-is’ position and the potential of ‘to be’

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