Non-Pay Analysis and Savings Service

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Our experts perform a comprehensive analysis and benchmarking review of your organisation’s entire non-pay spend – not just those typically covered by procurement or individual departments. We identify, validate, and help deliver saving opportunities based on true current costs.

We analyse Trust AP, contract, and purchase order data, along with the very latest framework, catalogue, and Supply Chain pricing to show savings opportunities (such as an up to date and more in-depth model hospital spend comparison service) across an ICS, as well as cross reference to regional and national averages. We provide resource to work in partnership with your organisation to create an action plan over the short, medium, and long term to deliver real savings from these insights.

Our experienced team provide the professional resources to help finance, procurement and operational staff to deliver savings. We also benchmark against peer Trusts and across an ICS, to ensure our clients are getting the best value for money and look at making the most of collaborative buying/volume-based discounts.

Key Benefits

Review all non-pay spend, including services

Delivering an end-to-end service, from identification to recovery

Current cost benchmarking and analysis

PFI Optimisation

PFI (public finance initiative) is a way of funding infrastructure and one-off projects such as NHS hospitals. It uses private funding to pay for the upfront costs of design, construction and maintenance, which is then paid back over many years to the companies who financed the project – often banks and construction firms.

There are over 100 NHS PFI schemes with total debt of £50bn across the UK, many of which begin to expire in the next 5-10 years.

With budgets tighter than ever, Liaison Financial can offer PFI-specific consultancy, focusing on Operational or Expiry Review, Forensic review, and Efficiency Opportunities, to ensure that PFI arrangements are optimised and savings opportunities maximised.

Liaison Financial’s experts have been working on PFI projects since the late 1990s, from feasibility stage, to procurement and operational delivery.

Our specialist team currently provides commercial and strategic advice to public sector institutions and private sector entities on infrastructure and project finance projects, preparedness for PFI expiry, contract management, variations, early terminations, joint ventures and appraisals, restructures, and operational efficiencies.

We will use our experience to help you use the levers in your PFI contract to achieve your strategic objectives, including:

  • Managing the exit from PFI contracts – managing the risks of contract expiry and ensuring value for money as contracts end.

  • Improving Operational Performance – improving the performance and efficiency of operational contracts and delivery of cost savings.

  • Ensuring the VAT aspects of PFI scheme are optimised, both for now and the future.

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