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Our Healthcheck Service is your strategic partner in evaluating and analysing the strengths and weaknesses of your continuing healthcare and continuing care
(All Age Continuing Care) services.

Specifically designed for large footprints and Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) inheriting multiple Places (previously Clinical Commissioning Groups), our service focuses on identifying unwarranted variation, identifying opportunities for achieving consistency and enhancing financial control.

Benefits of Our Healthcheck Service

Improved Understanding

Gain a deeper understanding of your healthcare system’s current position, with a focus on identifying variation and causative factors.

Expert Action Plan

Receive a constructive expert action plan tailored to your specific needs, supported by our team’s extensive experience in healthcare management.

Support for Change

Our service goes beyond recommendations, providing accompanying support for seamless and effective implementation of the proposed changes.

Financial Control and Consistency

Utilise our insights as enablers for achieving financial control and ensuring consistency in your healthcare operations.

Tailored for Large Footprints and ICBs

Our Healthcheck Service is particularly relevant for organisations with large footprints or ICBs inheriting multiple Places (previously CCGs).

We understand the unique challenges associated with such structures and offer specialised tailored approaches to convert those challenges into ‘chances’.

Choose our Healthcheck Service to embark on a journey toward a stronger, more efficient, and financially controlled healthcare system. Contact us today for a customised assessment and expert recommendations tailored to your organisation’s needs.

“We enjoyed working with Liaison Care and the work completed adhered to all the quality levels and built solid foundations on which to work together. Regular communication developed a positive sharing culture and allowed for a smooth working process between us and the team.”

Paul Brown, Chief Financial Officer
NHS Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Integrated Care Board

Key Features

Evaluation and Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of your healthcare system, providing a clear picture of the current strengths and weaknesses.


Pinch Point Identification

Our service specialises in identifying pinch points for unwarranted variation, ensuring a targeted approach to address specific challenges.

Efficiency Opportunities

We identify opportunities for efficiencies within your healthcare operations, optimising processes for enhanced performance.

Financial Control

We provide insights and strategies that act as enablers for financial control, ensuring improved financial control.


Evidence-Based Reports

Our reports are meticulously crafted and evidence-based, offering a thorough understanding of your healthcare system’s ‘as-is’ position and the potential of ‘to be’

Recommendations for Action

Based on our analysis, we present a constructive expert action plan with clear recommendations for effective change.

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