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Our dedicated team specialises in comprehensive assessment and review activities tailored to optimise CHC arrangements, mental health arrangements and jointly funded arrangements.

Our focus lies in reducing variation, right-sizing, improving the quality of individual experience and releasing efficiencies into the system.

Benefits of Our Services

Stringent Quality Focus

We employ a rigorous quality-focused approach in all our assessment and review activities.

Backlog and Variation Reduction

Our processes are designed to minimise backlogs and reduce variation across different care arrangements.

Financial Control and Risk Mitigation

We prioritise financial control and mitigate risks through our proven methodologies.

Skilled and Compliant Competency, Capacity and Capability

Our experienced team ensure that all assessments are conducted by skilled and compliant professionals.

Commercial Models

We offer commercial models that avoid upfront expenditure, ensuring cost-effectiveness for your organisation.

Proven Efficiencies

Our services have consistently demonstrated efficiencies of 15-30% against case load, delivering tangible results.

Our Experience in CHC and Fast Track Reviews:

Our Review activity provides insight into the consistency of eligibility decisions across an Integrated Care System, providing assurance and indications of variation.

Spend is incurred where individuals who are supported through the Funded Nursing Care Contribution become eligible for full Continuing Healthcare, or where needs have increased.

Efficiencies are made when individuals who are fully funded through Continuing Healthcare have presenting needs that can be met through Funded Nursing Care Contributions or alternative support arrangements, or where there is an evidenced eligibility change, or where the level of care package can be safely reduced.

Our Clinical Reviews Include

(but not limited to)

Fast Track Reviews

CHC 3-month reviews

CHC annual reviews

1-2-1 care reviews

Our Review Experience

Our experience in conducting CYP Continuing Care

Identification of the appropriate funding responsibilities based upon Childrens Act and EHCP duties, examination of lower cost alternatives and innovative use of personal budgets. We can identify early signs of unwarranted cost drivers including alternatives to the provision of registered nurse care. A fundamental element of our work is to confirm that the child’s support plan is personalised, maximises life opportunities and is equitable and proportionate.

Short-term 1:1 arrangements often extend beyond their necessary duration.


Lack of comprehensive evidence of need and/or benefit in many 1:1 arrangements.

Overly restrictive care can exacerbate individual needs and anxieties.

Inconsistency in the supply of commissioned 1:1 care.

Average cost of a 1:1 arrangement is £2,400 per week (£124,800 per annum).

Less restrictive options can enhance wellbeing and provide a therapeutic environment at considerably less cost.

Good Practice Principles

Safeguarding Checks: We prioritise safeguarding checks in all our reviews.

Individual and Family Voices: The voices of individuals and their families are central to our assessment and review processes.

Active and Accountable Providers: We ensure that providers are actively engaged and accountable for the care they deliver.

Safe and Evidenced Rationalisation: Our approach to rationalisation is both safe and evidence-based.

Positive Living: We encourage and support individuals to live life positively, focusing on their overall wellbeing.

Talk to a Liaison Care Expert

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If you are the individual, a family member, or a chosen representative of the individual and would like to enquire about your review, please speak to your assessor directly or you can contact us on 08001 30 31 32 or click here to email us.