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Liaison Care provide a range of health and social care services to NHS Integrated Care Boards (ICB), Health Boards (HB) and Local Authorities (LA) across the country, completing a variety of health and social care assessments and reviews. We collaborate closely with colleagues in the NHS, HB and LA to ensure we recognise the needs and aspirations of individuals, their families, and representatives

At Liaison Care we place the individual at the centre of all our activity; your views, and those of your family and/or representative are comprehensively recorded and taken into consideration. We will support you throughout the process from booking the meetings and throughout the assessment or review. 

The Liaison Care team comprise qualified and vastly experienced nurses and social workers who have long-standing backgrounds of working in health and social care environments. They understand you may have questions about the process and the service we provide and will be able to provide reassurance. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of the service you experience, and the quality of our documentation that we return to the ICB, HB and LA. We have high standards for all of our team, and they will treat you with dignity and respect throughout our involvement with you.

Our Care services across the country include:

Completion of Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Checklists, Decision Support Tools and CHC 3- and 12-month reviews. 



Review of Joint Funded Care Packages – this is when your care package is funded by both the ICB or HB and your LA. 

Review of 1:1 funding – this is when you may receive additional funding for times when you need someone to be close by to support your care needs. 

Assessment of needs following discharge from hospital – this is when you may have been discharged from hospital into a care home, or to your own home with a package of care, and your care needs to be reassessed.

Facts about us

Our administrative team, nurses, social workers, and clinical managers all work remotely and therefore all reviews and assessments are conducted over Microsoft Teams or phone, depending on what works best for you. We will always make reasonable adjustments to make sure we hear your voice and your views. 

All our staff are highly trained and competent to provide you with an excellent service. 

We include you and your family/representative at all stages along the care pathway. 

We include the provider of your care and support package in the assessment or review to ensure we have the correct evidence to support our recommendation. 


Liaison Care have a robust quality assurance process so that we can provide the right recommendations and outcomes that meet your care needs at the right time. 

Talk to a Liaison Care Expert

Our Liaison Care Experts are here to help, please get in touch below. 

If you are the individual, a family member, or a chosen representative of the individual and would like to enquire about your review, please speak to your assessor directly or you can contact us on 08001 30 31 32 or click here to email us.