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Empowering Local Authorities for Better Healthcare Delivery

At Liaison Care, we recognise the pivotal role Local Authorities play in shaping the healthcare landscape of communities. Our transformative solutions are designed specifically to empower Local Authorities in delivering effective, patient-centric healthcare services.

Why Partner with us?

Local Authority Expertise

Benefit from our understanding of the unique challenges faced by Local Authorities.

Collaborative Approach

We view our relationship as a partnership, working together with Local Authorities to achieve shared goals.


Scalable Solutions

Our solutions are scalable to meet the diverse and evolving needs of local communities.

Ongoing Support

Receive support and training to ensure the success of our solutions within your Local Authority.

Tailored Services for Local Authorities

Care Act Assessments

Customised Solution Design

Seamless collaboration with Local Services

We understand that each community has unique challenges. Our solutions begin with a thorough needs assessment, ensuring that our services are tailored to address the specific requirements of your locality.

Our team collaborates closely with Local Authorities to design solutions that align with the overarching goals of care delivery and strength based optimisation. Our solutions are tailored to suit your needs.

Collaboration is key to success. Our solutions seamlessly co-exist with local service teams, ensuring a cohesive and consistent approach to individuals needs assessment and support planning.

Our Services

At Liaison Care, we take pride in delivering unparalleled solutions tailored to meet your needs. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction sets us apart, click below to find out more about one of our services.


Assessment and Review Services

Optimise CHC arrangements, mental health assessments, s117, joint funded packages of care and CYP continuing care.

Healthcheck Service

Evaluating and analysing the strengths and weaknesses of your healthcare system.

Assurance Service

Ensuring highest standards of decision making and cost control withing your ICS.

Enhanced Service

Designed for organisations seeking a transformative boost to their existing operations.

Analytics and Pathway Improvement

Gain a better understanding, implement effective solutions, and use data analysis to ensure continuous improvement in healthcare delivery.

Best Practice

Elevate your organisations standards through meticulous sampling and evaluation.

Transformation Services

Transformation support services to improve outcomes and impact on patient care.

Curious about what our partners have to say about their experience with Liaison Care?

Discover first-hand testimonials and case studies that speak to our commitment, expertise, innovative commercial approach, clinical support, and the transformative impact of our solutions.

I have found it to be a great experience working with Liaison Care. I have felt very confident in their ability to manage the project. I have found them to be knowledgeable, responsive and capable.

CHC Operations Manager
South West Region

Talk to a Liaison Care Expert

Our Liaison Care Experts are here to help, please get in touch below. 

If you are the individual, a family member, or a chosen representative of the individual and would like to enquire about your review, please speak to your assessor directly or you can contact us on 08001 30 31 32 or click here to email us.