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Our Assurance Service is your dedicated partner in ensuring the highest standards of decision-making and cost control within your Integrated Care System (ICS).

Tailored for the dynamic healthcare environment, our service provides comprehensive assurance intervals, with a focus on monthly and quarterly sampling of Continuing Healthcare (CHC) recommendations before ICB ratification.

Benefits of Our Assurance Service

Analysis of Decision-Making

Gain in-depth insights into decision-making processes, benchmarked against national frameworks and evidence-based practices.

Identification of Inconsistencies and Consistencies

Our service identifies both inconsistencies and consistencies in decision-making, offering an holistic view for improvement.

Opportunity for Change

Seize the opportunity for positive change by implementing improvements in decision-making processes, ensuring ongoing optimisation and quality control.

Reduction in Spend

Through our thorough analysis and improvement initiatives, our Assurance Service aims to contribute to a reduction in unnecessary spend, maximising financial efficiency and the opportunity to reinvest into the NHS.

Tailored for ICB Ratification

Our sampling occurs prior to ICB ratification, providing a crucial checkpoint to enhance the quality of decisions before they are finalised.

Choose our Assurance Service for a proactive and systematic approach to decision-making assurance, leading to improved cost control and enhanced overall efficiency. Contact us today to explore how our tailored assurance intervals can elevate the standards of decision-making within your healthcare system.

Key Features

Assurance Intervals

We offer assurance intervals designed to uphold the integrity and quality of decision-making processes within your healthcare system.

Monthly/Quarterly Sampling

Our service conducts regular sampling of CHC recommendations on a monthly and quarterly basis, providing ongoing oversight.

Evidence-Based Assurance

We employ evidence-based best practice to assure the quality and validity of the recommendations made, ensuring alignment with national frameworks.

Remedial Transformation Support

In the event of identified gaps or issues, our service provides remedial transformation support through revised processes, updated protocols, commissioning frameworks, and contract compliance.

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