People Analytics

A digital solution that brings together people data from across multiple, often siloed, workforce systems. Enabling the triangulation, aggregation and consolidation of data to provide a single ‘whole of workforce’ view that supports the delivery of the NHS People Plan and workforce strategies.


  • Insights delivered in plain English
  • Predictive analytics
  • Highlights trends hidden in data

In the NHS, large workforces create a lot of data for HR teams to make sense of People Analytics allows this data to be transformed into workable dashboards, allowing teams more time to identify the narratives coming from the data, and the actions they should take next to provide workforce solutions.

People Analytics aims to create a clearer and smoother path to drive down an organisation’s pay bill through actionable insights from workforce data. Streamlined reporting will also help NHS organisations to manage their workforces more effectively, reduce temporary worker demand, develop and retain key talent, and provide the most relevant insights to HR and management. This can also help with:

  • HR becomes a stronger strategic business partner
  • Enables better decision making
  • Measures HR interventions over time
  • Improves employee experience and retention
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Increases speed of reports turnaround
  • Saves time for workforce information teams

An introduction to People Analytics

Solutions To Support Your Current NHS Challenges

I want to obtain meaningful people data, understand root causes for workforce demand and automate my workforce board pack which currently takes too long.

I want to get a detailed understanding of my workforce and their needs as one source of truth across data silos with detailed analytics.

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