Our Partnerships

With 30 years of experience of working within the healthcare sector and our extensive NHS penetration of C-suite contacts, Liaison Group is proactively increasing its position as an investor, acquirer and critical partner. 

Having led in NHS finance and workforce innovations and in building unique solutions ourselves, we have passionate NHS-focused people, but we know that many great ideas and innovations come from outside of our company too. That’s why partnerships and collaborating with other businesses is a fundamental part of our business strategy to change the global healthcare economy.

Here, you can find out how we’ve developed our reputation and reach in the NHS to that which we are proud of today, what we’re looking for, and how to get in touch.

Our Track Record

From our origins of NHS VAT advisory services, we developed NHS forensic review services in 1998, pioneered temporary workforce cost reduction services in 2011, and introduced Continuing Healthcare financial services.

We’re currently delivering our financial and workforce expertise and innovation into the majority of NHS organisations, including Integrated Care Systems, Clinical Commissioning Groups, trusts and health boards. Our relationships started in finance and now include NHS Chief Executives, workforce and clinical leads, for whom we deliver savings of over £100m a year.

We know the healthcare economy, and it benefits greatly from our approach to improve speed to market and likelihood of success of our products and services. We have proven success in getting to 40% NHS market penetration of new innovations within two years.


Founded by Joanne Stewart and Kieran O’Donnell as a London based firm called ‘Accounting Systems’.


Offices open in Worcester to service Midlands and North West clients and also to function as a central corporate HQ.


Introduction of remote working for VAT advisors and a merger of offices into Head Office at Worcester.


Current Chairman Bruce Thew purchased the company.


Introduction of the new Forensic Cost Reductions Services to the market place.


Company trading name is changed to ‘Liaison’.


STAFFflow is launched – a unique agency direct employment service for NHS temporary staff.


Liaison partnered with ‘1 Call Benefits’, which provides salary sacrifice schemes into the NHS, and forms ‘Liaison One Call’.


Acquired 3 Blue Dot Technologies Ltd and established Liaison Technology Ltd.


TempRE launched. TempRE is Liaison Workforce’s end-to-end temporary workforce management solution, supporting NHS organisations from vacancy release through to pay.


Forensic & VAT merge to ‘VAT & Financial Management’. Biggest VATplus review secured £1.69m for a trust. STAFFflow division becomes ‘Workforce Management’ & TempRE launched.


Acquired HR analytics business Activ8 Intelligence. Development of Continuing Heathcare service.


Signed new Activ8 Partner and first NHS pilot. Academy courses accredited. CAG Approval. Specialist Payroll Award. Another VATplus secures over £1m for a single NHS trust.


RAET/Activ8 partnership LIVE! Launched: Contract Compliance, Director’s Booking Rate Index, Multi-Worker Portal, Mobile App.


TempRE mobile app launched.


Evolved to Liaison Group, comprising Liaison Workforce, Liaison Financial and Liaison Care.


Liaison Group acquires minority stake in digital workflow providers, Infinity Health.


Liaison Workforce Launches the Workforce Platform with 14 technologies.


Liaison Workforce launches NHS At Work Rostering solution.


Daily Pay live.


Liaison Group launches the Digital Marketing Service.


mii Account App launched.


Liaison Group named the 26th Best Large Company to Work For in the UK.


Liaison Financial launches additional strategic consultancy to our clients for Private Patients, Telecoms and Non-Pay Expenditure, to enable the NHS to maximise savings and efficiencies.


Liaison Group named the 12th Best Large Company to Work For in the UK


Liaison Group has been named a ‘World Class’ place to work, having been awarded a 3-Star Accreditation from Best Companies in January 2023.


We have established a Corporate Development Department to continue to innovate and create a range of business partners and ideas for consideration by the business.


Liaison Group has been named a ‘World Class’ place to work, having been once again awarded a 3-star Accreditation from Best Companies in January 2024.

Liaison Group as a Partner

We know what success looks like. We’ve grown from a small team of VAT consultants in 1998, to an award-winning, forward-thinking, privately-owned firm of 250 (and growing) employees today.

We’re looking for partners that demonstrate a real passion for the NHS and have innovations they are seeking to get penetrated into the healthcare sector.

Liaison Group has inspired and developed services within the NHS that have delivered tangible cost savings and real efficiencies. But we know that growth comes from finding like-minded businesses and sharing our ideas and visions. Our business structure is designed to encourage collaboration and innovation – and then deliver on it.

We’re looking for inspirational forward-thinking joint ventures, shared revenue or incredible investments that will match our healthcare economy portfolio, saving the NHS money, delivering CHC process improvements and efficiencies, or creating workforce efficiencies that are worthy of our reputation.

In return, healthcare innovators will have access to a central pool of Liaison’s shared services, such as proven sales structure and NHS relationships, development and research, finance expertise, and marketing support.

Our Investment Journey

Liaison Onecall

In 2012 we embarked upon a joint venture with Onecall and Liaison Onecall was launched.

Onecall was set up 18 years ago in 2001 as the UK’s first technology salary sacrifice provider – winning an NHS award for “good practice” in delivering staff benefits within its first few years.

Prior to the joint venture with Liaison, Onecall ran the largest salary sacrifice campaign for supermarket giant Tesco – selling £23,000,000 of computers to 184,000 staff in just four weeks. Onecall continues to lead the way as the first provider to introduce smart TVs, white goods and health and fitness equipment to the benefits scheme. Onecall also holds strategic relationships with AO.com and Softcat PLC.

The attraction of the Liaison joint venture for Onecall was our access to its target market of 300+ NHS clients, from small to large trusts and health boards with budgets of up to £1,800m and up to 30,000 staff.  The Joint Venture continues to deliver and has proven retention and wellbeing benefits saving the NHS substantially on attrition each year.

Activ8 Intelligence

In 2016, we acquired HR analytics business Activ8 Intelligence. Activ8 provides advanced, analytical HR software that helps organisations more effectively manage their workforce, develop and retain key talent, and provide relevant and important insights to HR and management.

This move, coupled with our consultancy expertise, enables us to support trusts and boards in managing their permanent workforce more efficiently and effectively.

Activ8’s award-winning ‘Mission Control’ software consolidates and categorises data from any or all of an organisation’s existing HR systems and automatically seeks out hidden insights and trends. It enables us to offer our clients a total workforce management solution with greater data interrogation across their temporary and substantive workforce, helping to inform workforce strategy.

Infinity Health

In August 2020, Liaison Group announced the completion of a strategic investment into digital workflow providers, Infinity Health.

Infinity Health are the creators of the HSJ-award winning digital tool, Infinity, which was formed to transform the way healthcare professionals coordinate care and communicate around their patients.

Liaison’s investment in the company aims to support its ongoing efforts in continuing to change the global health economy, and will allow more trusts to access the tool and the benefits that digitising task management can bring to the NHS.


In 2019, Liaison Group announced a strategic investment in Foresight, allowing Liaison Group access to Foresight’s unique recruitment demand-planning HR SaaS platform for the NHS.

As a workforce disruptor, Foresight takes their customers into a new era of proactive HR delivery. They are highlighting old ways of working, and recognise that metrics such as Time To Hire are outdated. Foresight’s capability to identify recruitment demand, performance issues and risk signals well ahead of the need are actually increasing customers’ Time To Hire. Foresight’s ability to provide this invaluable data across every employee not only saves huge amounts of agency costs, but also improves the productivity and relationships between HR and the areas they support.

This investment is part of Liaison Group’s focus on investments and partnerships, designed to inspire savings for health. It supports Liaison Workforce, part of Liaison Group, in changing workforce through intelligence, specialist guidance and technology, and boosting the interoperability of workforce systems in the global health economy.

Our Strategic Advisors 

Interested in becoming a Strategic Advisor?

Liaison Group’s Strategic Advisors work with us to provide insight into the unique challenges the NHS faces, and support us in seeking out innovative solutions, developing new technologies, and providing expertise to drive efficiency and excellence across ICSs. Our Advisors are active in the NHS currently, recently retired or soon to retire.

Interested in becoming a Partner?

Our focus continues to grow, having established a Corporate Development Department in 2023 to continue to innovate and create a range of business partners and ideas for consideration by the business.

Vanessa Forster is Liaison Group’s Corporate Development Director. You can contact her for an exploratory discussion.