Agency Management

An integrated flexible workforce management solution that improves NHS agency spend controls, governance, and visibility.

An NHS app-enabled solution that manages all agency supply; from rostering, and auto vacancy release to the supply chain, through to onboarding, timesheeting, and payment of workers and agencies. Delivering strong governance, rate management, and full audit trail throughout, with support to manage the conversion of agency to bank workers.

  • A proven and robust NHS solution for over 10 years
  • Used at over 60 NHS organisations
  • Saves the NHS over £36 million per year
Over the last 12 years, we have processed:


of temporary staffing expenditure and delivered £210m net savings back to the NHS.


Significantly reduced agency spend

Streamlined invoice process with agency fee disbursements service

Maximises fill rates

Solutions To Support Your Current NHS Challenges

I want to control and reduce agency spending.

There remains a huge workforce challenge around long-term vacancies and unplanned absences contributing to vacant shifts across our NHS hospitals. We partner with trusts across the UK to drive agency spend down via Agency Management, and encourage the implementation of temporary staff banks to fill vacancies. This saves the NHS over £36 million per year through bank and ADE placements.

Judith Shaw

Managing Director, Liaison Workforce

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