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Shared Benefit

Unlocking strategic partnerships without the burden of upfront costs, our sales model, “Shared Benefit,” empowers the ICB to seamlessly collaborate with Liaison Care. Rooted in our unwavering commitment to quality and an individually centric approach, this model aligns with our clinical philosophy and delivery ethos.

Under “Shared Benefit,” the ICB enjoys the unique advantage of a partnership arrangement without the need for an initial financial commitment. This innovative approach places the primary risk with Liaison Care, demonstrating our confidence in our capabilities and dedication to your success.

To ensure a smooth collaboration and mitigate potential challenges, Liaison Care will transparently outline the delivery requirements, detailing the essential elements and key gateways of the partnership. Our stringent quality standards remain non-negotiable, reflecting our dedication to delivering excellence in every aspect of our partnership.

Experience the power of “Shared Benefit” – a sales model that prioritises collaboration, quality, and shared success. Join us on this journey, where your objectives and our expertise converge for mutual benefit and sustainable growth.


We have sold 158 Shared Benefit contracts across England and Wales.


We have delivered annually recurring savings of over £30M since November 2022.


Partnering with over 30% of ICBs to improve patient experience.


Hypothecation for Transformational Support

Under the Shared Benefit model, you have the flexibility to ring-fence the savings generated, utilising them to fund additional work in cases where immediate investment may be challenging for the ICB at the agreement’s onset. This innovative feature ensures that the benefits derived during our partnership can be seamlessly transferred to Liaison Care, allowing for the continuation of transformational work under a separate arrangement.

Our dedicated Transformation Team stands ready to provide consulting and support for pathway and process reviews, adding value to your initiatives. This collaborative approach not only enables us to adapt to evolving needs but also ensures the sustained success of your transformational support programmes.

Hypothecation, a proven strategy for managing wider system benefits, becomes a cornerstone in our commitment to fostering sustainable change. Whether your objectives entail short, medium, or long-term benefits, our shared understanding will determine the ‘threshold’ at which both the ICB and Liaison Care will initiate or accept further work under a hypothecation agreement.

I have been completing spot quality assurance checks (over the past few weeks) and have been very pleased with the high standard of work provided. There is clearly a consistent approach amongst your team, which has made my role in this simple and enjoyable. Each review has been detailed, displayed strong clinical understanding and reports have been well written. Recommendations following the reviews have been clinically justified and display a sound understanding of the eligibility criteria. The consistency in quality is greatly appreciated by our team and provides peace of mind that our clients are receiving thorough reviews.

Sameena Turner

Practice Development Nurse/Complex Cases Team Cambridge and Peterborough Integrated Care System

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