Agency Direct Employment (ADE) project sees £3.4million achieved in savings

£3.4m in ADE savings

95% ADE utilisation

The Challenge

North East London NHS Foundation Trust were keen to begin an Agency Direct Employment (ADE) project, with the aim of increasing their ADE engagement – in turn, it was anticipated that this would increase savings at the Trust and reduce missed savings.


The Solution

Liaison Workforce met with the Trust to initiate the ADE project and provided best practice TempRE training on how to book ADE agency workers for the Trust to use moving forward.

A project plan was issued, and all tasks were allocated to the Trust and Liaison, with a monthly meeting booked.

Liaison issued the Trust’s ADE Mandate to all agencies to confirm that all future agency workers provided to the Trust must be ADE.

Liaison also provided all necessary reporting to highlight to the Trust all standard placement workers, shift length, and cost for the Trust to target. Liaison set up Standard Placement Alerts to notify when any new standard placement bookings were made and provided the tools and processes in place to manage Agency Direct Employment and Standard Placement Bookings.

Finally, to ensure ongoing engagement and usage, Liaison trained all Trust agency bookers through our ‘Liaison Academy’ which highlights best practice, what to watch out for, and how to negotiate with agencies to ensure that any future cost is kept to a minimum.

The data and intelligence provided by Liaison from TempRE is first-rate. Their robust analytics and insights have allowed us to make data-driven decisions, increase our ADE utilisation and savings and reduce our standard placement booking to further increase savings.

The service provided in building relationships and support managing our agency supply chain has been pivotal in fostering stronger partnerships and maximising efficiency.

Gillian Mead

Temporary Staffing Booking and Transformation Manager, North East London NHS Foundation Trust

The Outcomes

Increase of utilisation and savings, and a decrease in missed savings

ADE Mandate issued to all agencies

Reports and alerts issued to the Trust

Training provided to ensure ongoing best practice

Ongoing support and compliance of ADE from agency partners

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North East London required an Agency Direct Employment (ADE) and efficiency savings project to increase their ADE engagement and compliance to result in further savings and better agency provider management.


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