£1.6million savings achieved in first 6 months of TempRE implementation

90% ADE utilisation achieved

5% commission savings prior to implementation through agency negotiation

The Challenge 

The Trust approached Liaison Workforce to discuss moving away from either Master Vend, and bringing the agency booking process in-house to provide the Trust with more control and visibility, and reduce their overall agency spend. There was also a requirement to main and improve their Agency Direct Employment (ADE) (direct engagement) usage and spend.  

Liaison met with Trust representatives prior to starting the implementation, to discuss the activities and key stakeholder involvement required for a successful start to the project.

The Solution 

The implementation kick-off meeting was booked to discuss the implementation project.During this, LiaisonWorkforce explained in detail each stage of the planned implementation and what information was required, and why. Weekly meetings were arranged with the Trust to ensure the project remained on track and progress could be discussed.

Liaison met with the relevant departments within the organisation to discuss their part within the process, including both Finance and HR. Training was arranged and conducted by Liaison, using multiple mediums to ensure that all users were instructed and supported throughout the implementation. Once training was conducted, guidance and FAQs were dissued to all users for ongoing use.

A go-live date was agreed by Liaison and the Trust, and Liaison ensured all bookings from the previous supplier were migrated on toTempRE. Liaison supported the Trust to ensure thev were confident using the system, and the system was launched as planned on thesed day, without any delays.

From contract sign-off and project plan agreed, Liaison then collected the required data from the Trust au provided system set-up, data migration, on-boarding of agencies and training to Trust stakeholders, all within 8 weeks.

After a successful post go-live, a regular operational review meeting was arranged, and access was provided to the Tableau reporting suite. In the following Operational Review meeting, Liaison provided the MI to show the Trusts monthly performance and used the meeting to raise and discuss any performance issues.

Liaison introduced their consultancy modules to discuss their findings and efficiency savings through their complete workforce pipeline. The modules cover the following areas:

  • Implementation 
  • Increased ADE Savings 
  • Full Rates Analysis 
  • Bank

The Outcomes

Bookings successfully migrated over to TempRE from previous supplier

All agencies contacted and supported throughout the transition

All users trained before go-live, ensuring best practice

Instant 90% utilisation from go-live

Liaison negotiated with the agencies changes in the AHP commission rates being paid by the trust

Increased the numbers of framework agencies the Trust use

Rates have been split and the commission blocker turned on for AHP and ST1’s, giving the trust visibility on their total charge rates and control over agencies from submitting over the cap commission rates.

Liaison provided access to the reporting library, provided cost and commission reporting and MI, giving full visibility of spend

ADE mandate issued to agencies to ensure all new candidates provided to the Trust are ADE compliant

Improved agency relationship due to the agency support team management provided by Liaison.

Working with Liaison has revolutionised the way we manage and book our agency staff. TheTempRE technology and dedicated support have transformed our processes, bringing us transparency, control, and efficiency.

The system has empowered us to make informed choices, ensuring full compliance is in place, and manage our temporary workforce in-house, supporting us with our agency reduction plan and giving us greater control over our staffing needs.

Gillian Mead

Temporary Staffing Booking and Transformation Manager, North East London NHS Foundation Trust

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North East London NHS FT seeks to move away from their MasterVend, and bring the agency booking process inhouse to reduce their overall agency spend.