Implementing an effective Agency Rate Harmonisation project

Bespoke commission rate card created to standardise rates and reduce spend

Further potential rate savings available in excess of £100k over a 6-month period

The Challenge

Working with NELFT through our monthly operational review meetings, Liaison Workforce recognised through analysing our reporting that there were several variations of commission rates for the same grade and specialities. We recommended to commence a Rate Harmonisation project with the aim of standardising their commission rates in Medical and AHP across the organisation, gaining greater control and achieving a reduction in agency spend.


The Solution

Liaison Workforce and the Trust partnered to initiate a Rate Harmonisation Project. A project plan was shared, and all tasks were allocated to the Trust and Liaison accordingly. Monthly catchup meetings were also scheduled.

Liaison provided all necessary reporting to highlight to the Trust the commission rates for each worker, booking length, and cost to the Trust. Liaison provided anonymised benchmark commission rate reporting to show what neighbouring organisations were paying.

Liaison recommended that the Trust review all data sets and confirm to Liaison a bespoke commission rate card to standardise rates and reduce spend. Liaison added the bespoke rate card and commission blocker to the TempRE system, which blocked and notified the agencies if they were breaching the bespoke rate card.

Liaison organised and attended Supplier and Trust engagement meetings for the Trust, to continue to further build effective relationships with all agency suppliers. This has resulted in strong partnerships and continuous support and supply of agency staff.

Liaison has been an invaluable partner in helping us reduce charge rates and save money. Through their collaborative efforts, technology and data intelligence, we have successfully benchmarked our rates against other Trusts, standardising our cost structure without compromising the quality of service.

Gillian Mead

Temporary Staffing Booking and Transformation Manager, North East London NHS Foundation Trust

The Outcomes

Significant increase in commission savings

The average commission rates have seen a reduction overall in bands and grades

Further potential rate savings available in excess of £100,000 over a 6-month period

Set a precedent amongst agency suppliers to work to standardised and harmonised commission rates

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Efficiency savings project successfully launched for Essex, Kent and London-based Trust


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