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09/05/2024 testimonial | Liaison financial

Last year, we undertook a VATplus review with Liaison Financial for the first time. The team were extremely knowledgeable, providing us with assurance that all areas have been reviewed and all VAT efficiencies have been maximised. As a result, they identified £325,000 that we were able to recover – all for just 2 hours of my team’s time. These savings went back into the Trust and we look forward to working alongside the Liaison team again.

08/05/2024 testimonial | Liaison workforce

Within 5 weeks Liaison’s implementation team were able to guide us through the process and successfully go live with E-Rostering which is unprecedented in the marketplace. The support they provided, and their implementation and data migration methodology made it easy and were key to ensuring this success.

03/05/2024 testimonial | Liaison workforce

Thank you so much for going above and beyond to sort this. I really appreciate it.

03/05/2024 testimonial | Liaison workforce

Ricky provided a very professional and helpful service.

03/05/2024 testimonial | Liaison workforce

Thank you for the prompt response and resolve of this, Hannah. We appreciate your help and urgency in this regard.

03/05/2024 testimonial | Liaison workforce

I am not sure why all the trusts don’t use TempRE, it’s a wonderful system and you people are doing a great job and a great service, especially Nabihah!

03/05/2024 testimonial | Liaison workforce

Is there a feedback form where I can say Lucy was very helpful? You have made it all very simple!

03/05/2024 testimonial | Liaison workforce

You guys are so helpful. I always get quick resolutions whenever I call in or help to put me in the right direction. I am quite satisfied with the experience over the last two years. Thank you.

03/05/2024 testimonial | Liaison workforce

You people are really helpful and the TempRE system is wonderful, it makes it so easy to get paid the correct amount.

30/04/2024 testimonial | Liaison care

We can work with you to reduce financial costs whilst improving quality through thorough assessment of care, use of personalised care planning and new contracting and monitoring structures.