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25/11/2022 whitepaper | workforce

Building the Foundations for People analytics

09/11/2022 Blog, Homepage, Latest blog posts, ... blog

U-Turn announced for NHS procurement process

The HSJ has revealed a major u-turn in the planned operating model for procurement and the supply chain. NHS Supply Chain has announced that it will bring the management of all clinical procurement categories in-house by May 2023, with only non-clinical to remain outsourced.

NHS At Work Rostering – Agenda for Change Ready
21/06/2023 Event

NHS At Work Rostering – Agenda for Change Ready

Embracing Technological Innovations to Enhance NHS Savings
10/01/2024 ... blog

Embracing Technological Innovations to Enhance NHS Savings

Supporting the NHS is a journey of both reward and insight; helping trusts, health boards and systems to reduce agency spend, maximise savings, and prioritise patient safety.

25/01/2024 page | Liaison workforce

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19/07/2023 ... blog

Workforce Tech in Healthcare: Developing Tools for Existing Challenges

In today's fast-paced NHS, effective workforce management is crucial for organisations to meet their operational goals efficiently. In this blog post, we look at a number of the solutions available to workforce leaders, from AI to cloud-based management systems.

case study | Liaison workforce

A focus on flexible workforce spend realises savings of over £400,000

Within the region, the demand for services continues to grow, whilst budgets become increasingly tighter, an experience not exclusive to the South Yorkshire area. In order to provide high quality services, it has become increasingly necessary to ensure that all resources are used effectively and support the delivery of effective care.

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case study | Liaison workforce

Predictive Workforce analytics: Understanding key workforce trends

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust has been working in partnership with Liaison Workforce since 2013 – successfully decreasing temporary worker spend via a tech-enabled in house bank, and reducing the reliance upon agency whilst improving visibility of overall spend, as set out within the NHS People Plan.

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case study | Liaison workforce

£1.6million savings achieved in first 6 months of TempRE implementation

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12/09/2023 page | Liaison workforce

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