Embracing Technological Innovations to Enhance NHS Savings

Supporting the NHS is a journey of both reward and insight; helping trusts, health boards and systems to reduce agency spend, maximise savings, and prioritise patient safety.

10 January 2024

Rob Riley, Client Services Manager, Liaison Workforce

Working as a consultant with Liaison, supporting the NHS has been a journey of both reward and insight. Over the years, witnessing the challenges faced by our clients in their pursuit to reduce agency spend, maximise savings, and prioritise patient safety has been an eye opener to the many ways in which they are pulled.


The gratification in our role as Client Services Managers comes not just from aiding trusts in realising immediate gains, but in guiding them towards enduring changes that both benefit patients and foster substantial efficiency savings from agency spending.

The Challenge: Resource Constraints in Maximising Efficiencies

A major issue faced by healthcare trusts is the scarcity of resources to drive these efficiencies to their fullest potential to maximise the opportunity for savings to be made. Herein lies the critical role of appropriate technology adoption.

By integrating innovative technological solutions, trusts can mitigate challenges associated with the use of Medical Agency Standard Placement staff, known for being the costliest type of agency workers. The introduction of the TempRE Standard Placement Blocker is pivotal in preventing agencies from submitting non-ADE workers, thereby ensuring trusts minimise missed savings opportunities.

The Solution: TempRE Standard Placement Blocker

The TempRE Standard Placement Blocker serves as a key functionality for workforce managers, streamlining the submission process by allowing users to view only ADE candidates. By adopting this simple yet effective solution, trusts can achieve higher utilisation and savings figures without allocating additional resource.

Using this functionality, one of our client trusts achieved remarkable results recently. By activating the Standard Placement Blocker within the TempRE system, they achieved a staggering £700k in savings and an impressive 96% utilisation rate, up from 65%, all within a six-month period. Importantly, this transformation occurred without straining the Trust’s existing resources.

Implementation Process

For existing clients looking to implement the TempRE Standard Placement Blocker, the process is seamless. Engage with your Client Service Consultant representative, who will guide you through the implementation process, and once agreed, Liaison Workforce will activate the functionality, communicate the changes to agencies, and provide complete support throughout the transition.

While current standard placement workers can continue their roles and may be extended, the Trust is encouraged to republish the activity of work to identify more suitable ADE workers, thereby keeping standard placement workers to a minimum.

Conclusion: A Technological Path to Savings Success

In conclusion, embracing technology is pivotal for healthcare trusts seeking to achieve their savings objectives. The TempRE Standard Placement Blocker, as demonstrated through real-world success, demonstrates how a simple technological intervention can lead to substantial and sustainable benefits.

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, these innovations stand as testament to the power of technology in shaping a more efficient and cost-effective future for the NHS.

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