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Fancy a change? Switch to our Doctors in Training demand and capacity planning solution that builds compliant rota patterns. 

Choose between creating rosters in the integrated rostering area of the system or import into an alternative system of your choice. NHS At Work Rota can be implemented within three weeks. It’s easy to use and provides accurate Junior Doctor pay calculations. NHS At Work is the NHSE-funded rota and rostering solution for Doctors in Training and all staff groups.

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Why NHS At Work?

Ever wondered what else you can use to easily build compliant junior doctor rota patterns? The NHS At Work Rota. It’s simple, fully compliant and easy to use. Plus, it can be implemented within three weeks.

We are on a mission to make creating Junior Doctor rotas easier. NHS At Work replaces existing manually intensive demand and capacity planning processes, helping you to build a compliant rota pattern and then import it to a roster system of your choice.

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Take your rota a step further with NHS At Work.

Find out more about our user-friendly, app-enabled roster solution. NHS At Work Roster is designed and owned by the NHS, built to NHSE specifications with advanced technology, and available for all staff groups.