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Liaison Group drives Cost down and drives Quality up for Health and Social Care through expert intelligence and tech. With millions (£318m in 2023) saved for reinvestment, we’re your trusted partner.

Our Transformation team specialises in Individualised Commissioned Care, including Deep Dives into packages of care, Personal Health Budgets/Direct Payments, and more. We particularly assure quality, safety, and value for money in high cost care groups and beyond.

We are offering a new range of services to support you in the delivery of your efficiency programmes.  We can review the costs and quality in any service area including the complete Better Care Fund or specialist areas such as Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Complex Care, Repeat Emergency Admissions, Frail Elderly or End of Life.

Dr Gail Newmarch

Liaison Care

Hear From Our Client:

The challenge:

  • There were several challenges with this work which all parties worked hard to address
  • Liaison Care prioritised communication with individuals, families, representatives, and providers. We worked hard to engage and involve parties in both understanding of the process and collaborating with us during Reviews
  • There were gaps in the individual records which Liaison addressed during the Review processes
  • Liaison Care supported a tense relationship between the Partners

The solution:

  • Liaison Care followed the National Framework Review process and practice guidelines to determine ongoing eligibility for CHC
  • After triaging the records, we identified seventy-one cases needing a DST and 35 a Review. Of those initially triaged as requiring only a Review, a further 22 of these individuals’ required completion of a DST.  Therefore, over 90% of the total group required a DST
  • We collaborated with individuals, representatives, and providers to deliver new or updated Care and Support Plans built around need
  • We committed significant resource to the Reviews and DST process to ensure all were involved, engaged, and listened to. We were able to identify a set of recommendations for improvement

The Outcomes:

  • All individuals have an up-to-date health needs assessment on their records
  • Individuals are aligned to the correct Responsible Commissioner and the associated funding streams
  • Identified full year recurrent reduction in NHS spend over £10m if our recommendations are followed

Why Liaison Care?

  • We undertake robust analysis using evidence-based recommendations and best practice
  • Savings of more than £10m in one year based on recommendations from clinical assessments for one client
  • We employ highly experienced, subject matter expert, qualified staff teams
  • We place individuals and their representatives at the heart of our processes and in finalising recommendations
We can work with you to reduce financial costs whilst improving quality through thorough assessment of care, use of personalised care planning and new contracting and monitoring structures.

Dr Gail Newmarch

Liaison Care

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