Liaison Care | Supporting over 60% of UK CCGs

Liaison Care helps the health economy deliver strategic improvements and process efficiencies to Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), to increase savings for reinvestment into the delivery and management of NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) and NHS Funded Nursing Care (FNC).

We support over 60% of the UKs CCGs helping them develop and implement their improvement plans. We do this through transformation reviews, consultancy, technology, benchmarking and reporting tools. Our support to CCGs has a real impact in their transformation of the CHC service and is aligned to NHS England’s aims of providing better outcomes, better experiences and better use of resources for patients.

As a long-term partner of the NHS, our experts are passionate and committed to adding real value to your team. Providing solutions, guidance and innovative ways to support CCGs improve their end-to-end delivery of CHC.

As part of the Liaison Group, Liaison Care provides scale, security and an ongoing investment in excellence, innovation and technology to improve the global health economy.


Liaison Care | Supporting individuals and their chosen representatives

Our team of experts will be able to support you and your chosen representatives through the NHS Continuing Health Care (CHC) process from start to finish. We are able to act on behalf of our partners, your NHS Clinical Commission Group (CCG), to look at your assessment and recommend if you have a primary health need and are therefore eligible for CHC. We will be there from the time it is first identified that you need to be assessed for CHC, to agreeing the services you need including your care and support reviews. In addition we provide an independent approach to our CCG clients on NHS Continuing Health Care appeals (Independent Review Panels) and retrospective claims.

Liaison Care will allocate you a main point of contact to help guide you. They will keep you up to date the whole way through and will ensure the right people contribute to your assessment at the right time. We will listen to your concerns and make sure the assessment is accurate, fair and provides a proper picture of your needs, it’s vital your voice is heard. Liaison Care will also be able to support you following the completion of the assessment to help you understand the outcome decision.

If you have any concerns about your review or the assessment process, please contact us by email here, or call us on 0800 130 3132

Our (NHS) Continuing Healthcare Services

Funding for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS Funded Nursing Care is a complex and highly sensitive area and can affect some of the most vulnerable people in society and those who care for them.

There is an unwarranted variation in the delivery of CHC across England and the experiences of those who are referred to it vary, with many patients and families reporting how difficult they found the process. Liaison Care is at the heart of supporting the NHS standardise and improve the end-to-end delivery of CHC. This ensures that CCGs can guarantee that everyone has fair access to CHC funding and can ensure that patients and families applying for it have better experiences and better outcomes and that the NHS makes better use of its resources in this area.

Liaison Care has developed a range of products and services to support CCGs transform and manage the challenges of delivering CHC. These include transformation reviews, expert advice and software to help accurately predict personal health budgets.

Our commitment to quality and excellence is supported by the feedback we receive from our clients. As a trusted partner of NHS England, we are committed to supporting CCGs through our partnership with the NHS CHC Strategic Improvement Programme (CHC SIP). CCGs can be assured that our CHC products and services are aligned to national CHC policy and the supporting the goals of the CHC SIP Team.

The Liaison Care Team has a wide range of CHC experts including clinical and non-clinical staff who have substantial experience in the health and social care sector. Clinical staff include nurses with experience of adults and children’s services at local and national level, and social workers at practice and director level. We also have a range of project managers and process and business improvement specialists who can provide CCGs with the skills and experience which enables Liaison Care to deliver highly effective, timely and outcome-focused solutions and transformation.

The impact of using Liaison Care as a transformation partner is guaranteed to make a difference where it matters.

The benefits include:

Continuing Health Care (CHC) Invoice Validation Reviews

Our CHC invoice validation reviews are designed to maximise and protect CHC funding. Good financial governance has never been so important to the NHS as it is today, and our retrospective invoice validation reviews provide the additional layer of financial safeguarding that ensures CCGs are only pay supplier invoices in accordance with contract rates and local policy guidelines.

Working with our experts in Liaison Financial, we offer CCGs access to our specialist team who can deliver real value in our financial reviews. The team focus on identifying and securing the recovery of money that have arisen through erroneous and duplicate payments to suppliers. Our service covers the full end to end process and to date, we have identified in excess of £6m from a combination of overpayments and overcharges.

Find out more about our Financial Reviews.

The NHS England CHC SIP has welcomed the active engagement with Liaison Care, both in terms of helping the programme with a wider understanding of the challenges faced by CCGs and the development of their audit tool which fully reflects the CHC maturity matrix – and is having benefits across CCG systems.

Paul Gavin
National Programme Director

In Partnership….

Liaison Care works as a trusted partner of the NHS CHC Strategic Improvement Programme and supports the programme deliver its goals which is to provide fair access to NHS Continuing Healthcare in a way which ensures:

We also work in partnership with many of the CHC suppliers, supporting them deliver a range of solutions which will support each CCG with the transformation of their CHC services.


Transformation Reviews

The transformation reviews have been designed to align to NHS England’s CHC Maturity Matrix and provide CCGs with a baseline assessment of the current level of maturity of their CHC services. It is also compliant with the 2018 National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS Funded Nursing Care.


  1. Reviews

    Our transformation reviews measure the CCG performance across 18 dimensions including: Strategy and Leadership, Patient and Family, Governance, Screening, Market Management Brokerage and Retrospective Assessments. CCGs are scored on each dimension against the five progressive levels of the CHC model maturity from ‘initial’ to ‘market leading’.

  2. Reports

    The review report details the scores in each dimension and the supporting evidence that has been provided and this acts as a baseline assessment of strengths and weaknesses for the CCG. The report also includes a scorecard and how the CCG compares with other similar or local CCGs. The Liaison Care report will also make recommendations of where the CCG should target its resources to improve its performance. The team can provide support your CHC team in improving your weaker areas and driving your CCG towards leadership levels.

CHC Transformation Services

The NHS is constantly challenged with the increasing costs of care, and more specifically the increasing costs of CHC and Continuing Care. Liaison Care provides dedicated CHC expertise with its transformation service to genuinely support CCGs with their transformation programmes. Our team of specialist advisors support our clients to develop robust service improvement plans and achieve them.

Our transformation services have supported CCGs improve how they deliver their end to end CHC service and how they can deliver it more efficiently and effectively.

Our transformation services, combined with our other services and products are giving CCGs much more control of their spending and by reviewing and improving their processes we can optimise their operation effectiveness, which in turn saves them money.

Our experts are happy to discuss any areas where support may be required.

Our services include all aspects of CHC including:


The transformation service was good value for money… I was pleasantly surprised at Liaison Care’s clear and structured approach. Their people were prompt, professional and supportive.

Director of CHC Transformation
NHS Clinical Commissioning Group

The Liaison CareCalculator has been developed as a software solution to support CCGs calculate accurate indicative budgets to support the personalisation of care – supporting individuals have more choice and control by providing them with a personal health budget (PHB).

The Liaison CareCalculator achieves this by predicting the cost of care based on the needs and complexity of the individual, current care arrangements and local costs.

As the Liaison CareCalculator is also directly linked to the CHC decision support tool (DST) there is no need to gather additional information as all of this will have been collected when eligibility is determined.

An efficient process and accurate indicative budget allow CCGs to pro-actively plan budgets so they can provide decisions quicker and maximise number of patients within overall CHC funding.

Joint Funding

One of the greatest challenges for Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Local Authorities (LA) when commissioning community-based services is agreeing the share of responsibility for cases which are funded by each partner.

Liaison Care has developed a cloud-based assessment solution and resource allocation system (RAS) addressing this challenge, which accurately predicts the costs of care for all adults who are not eligible for CHC and are funded jointly by health and social care.

We can calculate the financial share of responsibility between health and social care as a cost and percentage, with CCGs and local authorities who have completed their reviews agreeing that they now have a fair and transparent permanent approach to funding for all adults who are not eligible for CHC.