People Analytics, So What?!

How do you ensure that your People Analytics program isn’t met with ‘so what?’ by your users?

8 November 2023

 Carl Gould, Head of Workforce Advisory Services, Liaison Workforce

It can take a considerable amount of time and effort to get a fit for purpose People Analytics program operational, so when organisations do go live with People Analytics, they need to make the most of the opportunity straight away.

There are a few technical options to implement People Analytics, such as Excel, Business Intelligence, or Pure Play Analytics. Regardless of how users are presented with charts and insights – quite often, the user is left thinking “so what?”.

Some of the most important consumers of People Analytics are the people who can impact workforce performance on a regular basis, such as People Professionals and Managers – the non-technical users. Organisations need to consider how they can give these users a Pathway to Action once they are presented with an insight.

Liaison Workforce see this is a key component of the People Analytics journey; it’s not just about the charts and insights, it is about what the user can do with the information. In our Pure Play solution, we empower users with an integrated Knowledge Base, that contains articles linked to key metrics.

Articles can be focused at Trust, ICS, or national level, and can host external resources such as policy, case studies, tool kits, or template action plans. This enables a user to be signposted to best practice action straight away.

The question to consider is no longer “so what?”, rather “how effective have my actions been?”. These users need the ability to be able to quickly and easily set up an action plan target to measure real workforce performance over time, to understand if their actions are having the desired impact, and if successful, make their action plan best practice for somebody else to use. Liaison’s People Analytics allows the non-technical user to do this and also convert successful plans into articles for other users to utilise.

Whatever platform you use for People Analytics, do not forget about that Pathway to Action…. otherwise, those users who can make a real difference won’t see or realise the full potential of People Analytics, and you may lose your most valuable opportunity!

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