Helping You to Retain and Recruit Talent in the Workforce

Recruit and retain your workforce, whilst protecting existing staff against increasing demands on NHS staff.

There is a drive for NHS managers to have a cross-organisational view of talent, combined with a centralised capability database to enable staff to have the autonomy over where and when they can work, feel able to book leave, and to access personal development opportunities, leading to better workforce management, attractive recruitment, and increased staff retention.

Solution – We can help you with solutions that can transform your workforce and provide tangible insights to shape your HR and improve data visibility.

mii People Planning

mii People Planning is a unique digital solution that increases the capacity of NHS HR teams by engaging your managers to rapidly obtain key people data you need but don’t currently have, to streamline workforce planning processes and drive recruitment and retention strategies.

mii Flexible Workforce

A technology platform, with a mobile app, that manages the end-to-end process for your flexible workforce across all staff groups and with full integration to our rostering solution.

Digital Marketing Support

A digital service designed for the NHS, acting as an extension of your communications team, delivering tailored digital marketing assets and campaigns, and specialising in simple, effective and impactful candidate attraction activities.


mii People Planning

Our solution helps to highlight flight risks, vacancies, wellbeing, and learning and development requirements by helping you continuously engage with your managers.

mii Flexible Workforce

Our platform improves agency spend controls, governance and visibility through integrated flexible workforce management, and reduces reliance on agencies through solutions that grow internal banks and develop ICS collaborative banks.

Digital Marketing Service

Our fully-managed service provides a unique combination of digital outputs and high-level expertise which results in a positive return on investment. The service helps NHS organisations facilitate direct digital marketing outputs and sources candidates.

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Current ICS Challenges

Elective Recovery

Optimising and prioritising waiting lists and implementing new ways of working to deliver more elective care to tackle backlogs.

The Solution – We recognise how important is to identify which patients are on which pathway, coordinate and plan care, and implement remote monitoring whilst getting on top of the backlog safely and quickly.

Deficit Gap

ICSs must find 2.2% efficiency savings to close the deficit gap of more than £1bn in 2022-2023.

Solution – Liaison Financial can help you save millions per annum by identifying and recovering savings in non-pay expenditure, for reinvestment into healthcare.


Digitise, connect, and transform ICS technology – a core priority for the NHS to bolster the health service’s long-term sustainability.

Solution – Our product solutions can pave the way to skilling up the workforce, as well as digitising processes to work across the whole of an organisation or system.

Discharge to Assess

Improve the responsiveness of urgent and emergency care, and build community care capacity across your ICS.

Solution – We can help you understand which patients are on which pathway, coordinate and plan care, and implement remote monitoring whilst getting on top of the backlog safely and quickly.

Agency Spend

NHS need to cut agency spends by at least 10% across the ICS system, as part of a drive to locate achievable savings across the health service.

Solution – A unique framework exists to support workforce transformation and reduce agency spend, with key areas which can be combined to support ICSs to meet the challenge of reducing agency.