Recover immediate cash savings and reduce your financial deficit

We have the following proven and established solutions, proven across Wales, ready to help you to unlock immediate cash savings.
These solutions can be implemented within three to six weeks via suitable procurement routes, require minimal resource, and are delivered on a risk-free contingent basis, putting your Health Board in the best position to start achieving your 2023/24 savings. 

Our Quick Release Solutions

Staff Benefits

£400,000 savings per annum per 5,000 staff.

Our wide range of salary sacrifice benefits provides your staff with credit-free access to holidays, home furniture, eco-home energy, technology solutions, and more at no cost to your organisation.  

Generates primary and secondary CiP savings whilst improving employee satisfaction and retention. The solution can be run alongside existing benefits platforms. 

Implementation – We can have the solution live within 3 weeks, following agreement of your chosen benefits. Savings accrue immediately from the date of the first salary reduction. 


On average we recover £250,000 per organisation within one month of review completion.

An annual re-review assurance service for NHS organisations that use an alternative VAT provider.

Provides an additional layer of safeguarding to recover legitimate VAT that would otherwise be lost, and ensures compliance prior to the annual HMRC deadline.

Implementation – Takes on average 2-4 hours of an NHS organisation’s time. The review must be complete by HMRC’s deadline of 7th August 2023 to realise potential savings. 


Accounts Payable (AP) Reviews

On average, we recover £75,000 per organisation, within six months.

Through a detailed analysis of your AP data, our experts identify overpayments and recover funds back into your organisation. We also review and reconcile supplier statements to identify overpayments, overcharges, and credit notes; monies that can be recovered into your organisation.

An end-to-end, resource-light service from identification to recovery.

Implementation – Takes on average 2-4 hours of an NHS organisation’s time.

Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Shared Benefits

Achieve an expected efficiency range of 12-25% of your CHC case load.

A managed service that delivers both quality based assessments and intelligent reporting to ensure that processes and pathways are optimised for sustainable improvement, without upfront expenditure or investment.

Improves an individual’s experience and quality of care whilst reducing backlogs for client CHC teams allowing them to focus on recovery at pace.

Implementation – 3-4 months from mobilisation to first benefits delivery.

Hear from our CEO

“Many of those in financial positions across the country are telling Liaison that the economic landscape is more demanding now than ever before. The challenge to balance the books whilst also providing essential, high-quality care to patients is becoming increasingly difficult, and so we’re keen to deliver support where we can with solutions which release cash and time savings quickly, for reinvestment where it is most needed, including into frontline services.”

Liaison Group CEO, Andy Armitage

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