VAT and Accounts Payable Reviews

Liaison Financial has been partnering with a Trust in Merseyside to deliver VAT and Accounts Payable reviews.

The Trust’s Journey

Liaison Financial has been partnering with a Trust in Merseyside to deliver VAT and Accounts Payable reviews.

The Trust’s Senior Financial Accountant explains the benefits of working with Liaison Financial to conduct VAT and Accounts Payable (AP) reviews.

We’ve experienced really great communication between our team and Liaison Financial colleagues. We’ve been working with Liaison Financial for a couple of years now with our advisor Ed Jessop to assist with VAT reviews and Cheryl Davis delivering our Accounts Payable reviews.

What’s been of benefit to us, is investing only an hour or so to get more money back into the Trust. Money that we didn’t know about and would have otherwise lost. In the past, we were not sure why this had happened but with the support from the Liaison Financial team, we have been able to develop a template as part of this learning curve at the Trust to instil better practice.

Throughout the process, we were impressed by the levels of communication, especially with our dedicated point of contact Cheryl Davis. Having access to the HSCN network meant that Liaison Financial was able to complete the reviews remotely which accelerated the review process and eliminated any disruption to the team.

Our Liaison Financial advisors were very knowledgeable and experienced which helped us to uncover weaknesses of our systems. The whole team is now able to review this moving forward. We have taken on board recommendations from the Liaison Financial team to avoid some of the pitfalls we have previously experienced.

Liaison Financial’s reporting was very clear, informative and precise. It was incredibly useful to have someone from outside of our finance team to help us understand the process for recovery. We would recommend the service to anyone considering a second set of eyes across their processes with a Liaison Financial Accounts Payable review.

Overall, we were happy with the savings found, great channels of communication, along with the Liaison Financial team. Their support helped us to understand more about our system and provided valuable training / knowledge for our staff. The regular contact with Cheryl Davis at Liaison Financial has been brilliant and updates have been timely. Nothing has been too much trouble during the whole process.

Senior Financial Accountant

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VAT and Accounts Payable (AP) reviews