What is People Analytics?

The CIPD defines people analytics as “the use of people-data in analytical processes to solve business problems”. People analytics provides HR professionals and their stakeholders with workforce insights and can help to improve evidence-based decision making.

In the NHS, large workforces create a lot of data for HR teams to make sense of. People analytics allows this data to be transformed into workable dashboards, allowing teams more time to identify the narratives coming from the data, and the actions they should take next to provide workforce solutions.

People analytics also allows HR teams and workforce leaders to measure key workforce metrics and KPIs across the organisation, including a focus on absence levels in the wake of COVID-19 – allowing clusters, exposure points and/or outbreaks to be monitored and reported on for the ongoing benefit of both the workforce and patients

An introduction to People Analytics
How can People Analytics benefit your NHS HR team?

The aim of people analytics is to create a clearer and smoother path to drive down an organisation’s pay bill through actionable insights from workforce data. Streamlined reporting will also help NHS organisations to manage their workforces more effectively, reduce temporary worker demand, develop and retain key talent, and provide the most relevant insights to HR and management. This can also help with:

  • HR becoming a stronger strategic business partner
  • Increased organisational agility
  • Enabling better decision making
  • Measuring HR interventions over time
  • Improving employee experience
  • Improving retention
  • Reducing absenteeism

Liaison Workforce can help benchmark the starting point of analytics transformation and its supporting processes through its advisory Pulse services, which help NHS organisations track and measure progress. From there, we offer accessible and understandable HR analytics solutions to support evidence-based decisions that affect workforce efficiency and effectiveness.

To discuss how Liaison Workforce can support your organisation with People Analytics, please contact our team on:

Phone: 0845 603 900

Email: PeopleAnalytics@LiaisonGroup.com


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