Home Benefits for your Staff

Our Home Benefits programme is designed to aid staff retention, improve working lives, boost morale and the productivity of your staff and at the same time saves money for Public Sector organisations


Proven to Aid Staff Recruitment and Retention

Cloud Based Bespoke Staff Benefit Portal
Liaison OneCall provide outsourced employee benefits to Public Sector Organisations to enhance the wellbeing and happiness of all employees, improve retention, morale, and generate recurring savings for them.

They also provide a cloud-based staff benefits portal available via App on computers, tablets and mobile phones that opens the door for staff into the world of Staff Benefits. Our goal is to help your organisation look after your staff and we do this by building on these three key health and wellbeing building blocks:

  1. Mental Health Wellbeing
  2. Physical Wellbeing
  3. Financial Wellbeing

With more and more benefits now available, whether they be via net pay deduction or via salary sacrifice reduction, now, more than ever, Public Sector Organisations are looking to put them onto an electronic bespoke marketing portal. It is now also proven that Staff Benefits generate a reduction in leavers and that in turn reduces the costs for staff to recruit. We have proven case studies to demonstrate the savings achieved.

Bespoke Portals

By having their salaries reduced your staff make great savings and whilst only paying a little at a time.

Here for example is a sample montage of products that you could acquire from our Home Technology Programme.

Employers and Employees Generate Savings

As well as supporting employer recruitment and retention programmes,  Public Sector employers and their staff can make savings.

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