Trust identifies £1,043,000 cost saving opportunity from identified flight risks and people support

Liaison Workforce began working with Stockport NHS Foundation Trust in order to provide the Trust’s HR team and managers with a flexible digital platform in order to deliver learning and development innovation, as well as people support.

£1,043,000 cost saving opportunity

156 manual hours saved

2,343 HR admin tasks performed

35 itchy feet identified (£890k opportunity)

6 performance concerns identified (£153k opportunity)

The Challenge

Liaison Workforce began working with Stockport NHS Foundation Trust in order to provide the Trust’s HR team and managers with a flexible digital platform in order to deliver learning and development innovation, as well as people support.

The Trust aims to be more proactive by gaining earlier visibility of data and focussing on the below goals:

Reach a larger audience for learning and development needs.

Support a new approach to coaching and mentoring.

Identify internal mobility opportunities.

Recruitment needs and workforce risk planning for absence, retirement, maternity or unexpected increases in service demands.

Not focussing on the above areas can lead to inequality of learning and development access and HEE budgeting, which will result in large bank and agency costs and an inability to get the right skills, in the right place, at the right time. In order to enable fair distribution of the HEE annual training budget, all managers are required to complete a training needs analysis on a twice-yearly basis. This is currently a manual process via excel and email.

The Solution

Using mii People Planning, Liaison Workforce are piloting this project in order to digitise the manual exercise. It uses a survey look front end to harvest data. But unlike surveys its conversation does not end there as it facilitates signposting and generates valuable workforce intelligence, which provides a forward view. mii People Planning has saved the Trust 156 manual hours of collating data, and 2,434 hours of HR admin tasks which have been performed automatically that would have been manual.

The benefit to the Trust will be an opportunity to retain more key individuals that are at risk of leaving and begin recruiting earlier to reduce the number of times a position is left vacant which impacts service delivery. Currently, mii People Planning has identified 114 planned new roles that the Trust was not aware of before this exercise. And of these, 60 out of the 114 new roles are now on track to be worked on ahead of time.

It’ll also enable the Trust to manage poor performance earlier, providing the necessary support that the individual needs as well as targeted training programmes for those who have learning and development requirements. At this Trust alone, mii People Planning has so far helped to identify 35 itchy feet with an opportunity to save £890k and 6 performance concerns with a £153k saving opportunity. This means the trust can save a total of £1,043,000 by acting now. The digitisation of training needs analysis allows the managers to get an easier, more intuitive experience aligned to current action plans. It also means the individuals receive a more in-depth level of support and the time and resource spent on driving manual processes will be saved greatly.

In addition, all data will be stored centrally and updated on a regular basis. 125 managers completed this exercise out of a possible 397. This means the Trust could save 4 times as much in a quarter – up to a cost saving opportunity of £4m.

How does it work

mii People Planning is SaaS which continues the conversation by sending digital nudges and signposts at the opportune time.

For example, an email the next day to the line manager, raising key pieces of information that were mentioned in the conversation such as the need for training and courses available. It may also send information in 60 days’ time directly to the line manager to nudge them to start a recruitment process or to set up knowledge transfer meetings as somebody in their team is retiring. The next time they have a conversation the software remembers what the line manager said before, so all they need to do is update it.

It also works alongside any current systems including ATS, TRAC and ESR, by adding value and delivering outputs that the systems when used alone may not. For example for a future vacancy mii People Planning signposts the employee to their recruitment system (ATS); for wellbeing it can signpost them to the sleep app or to financial wellbeing assistance.

Data harvested from the conversation can lead to actionable, measurable support as well as changes as though you have an army of HR people, rather than a one sided survey that is never revisited.

Launching People Planning has been an eye-opening experience. People Planning has enabled us to capture a wealth of data from our line managers that we would have missed in our usual interactions. We now have the ability to build a picture of our workforce Learning & Development needs, in addition to recruitment itchy feet and those keen for their next challenge. The support and expertise of the team has been invaluable to the success of this project.

Lindsay Roodurmun

Learning & Development Manager

Next Steps

The Trust will now work with Liaison Workforce to embed the targeted and focussed areas of work into the people plan project to help the Trust realise the identified savings shown above. The data will progress as the conversation continues. The next round of data will be harvested in 3 months’ time.

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With a potential cost saving opportunity of £1m identified, just imagine what could be uncovered at your Trust?


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Developing a flexible digital platform in order to deliver learning and development innovation, as well as people support


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