Bank developed at the speed to support Covid-19 vaccination rollout

With the Covid-19 vaccination rollout beginning, NHS Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (Cheshire CCG) required an inventive option quickly for managing the vaccination workforce.

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From conversation to live system in two weeks

Over 1,000 workers registered in first two weeks

100+ collaborative system partners

18 locations (and counting)

The Challenge

With the Covid-19 vaccination rollout beginning, NHS Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (Cheshire CCG) required an inventive option quickly for managing the vaccination workforce.

To successfully deliver the Covid-19 vaccination programme in the Cheshire region, a huge coordination of clinical and administrative workers has been essential. A solution was required to ensure staffing to support the vaccine programme could be provided as quickly and as smoothly as possible, despite ongoing pressures in the NHS as a result of the pandemic.

The Solution

Within the Cheshire region, Liaison Workforce developed and implemented an innovative digital infrastructure to support the establishment and management of an effective Vaccination Bank at speed; working with Cheshire CCG, Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and NHS Midlands & Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit. Liaison Workforce enabled collaboration between other system partners including Integrated Care Partnerships, local councils, 18 Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and 79 GP practices to support the delivery of this vital vaccination programme across Cheshire.

The implementation of the Cheshire Vaccination Bank was also supported by Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, who took on the key responsibility of assessing tax and pension information, distributing worker contracts and marking workers as compliant on TempRE; working with Liaison Workforce to ensure implementation was carried out at pace.

Liaison Workforce is the strategic partner providing the technology and managed service for the Cheshire Vaccination Bank. TempRE, the technology platform and mobile app powering the Bank, manages shifts, timesheets and payroll for the workers, whether existing, temporary or voluntary. The Vaccination Bank solution is a bespoke adaptation of Liaison Workforce’s bank and collaborative bank solution, which supports regions throughout the UK with their workforce management.

The Bank’s dedicated website – – hosts a variety of information on the service and acts as a platform for the recruitment of paid and voluntary workers, providing information about how the Bank works and the roles and locations available, as well as a registration process for interested candidates to sign up.

The Outcomes

Within 2 weeks, Liaison Workforce’s team had established the requirements of the project and delivered both the digital bank solution via TempRE and a dedicated website in order to support the registration of sufficient staff to allow the vaccination programme to begin on schedule.

With the first two weeks of the bank being live, over 1,000 clinical and administrative professionals and clinical volunteers were registered to ensure shifts were filled and the programme could be supported safely and effectively.

This has reduced pressure on GPs and enabled Covid-19 vaccines to be administered across 18 initial locations quickly and to the most vulnerable groups in the community.

We required a rapid solution to develop and deploy a dedicated bank to manage our vaccination workforce to support Primary Care Networks and Mass Vaccination Centres. Given the scope and expectation of administering the Covid-19 vaccination programme, it was essential that an effective solution was produced and implemented quickly. Working in partnership with Liaison Workforce was excellent, and they provided great support throughout the project.

Phil Meakin

Associate Director – Corporate Governance, NHS Cheshire CCG

Next Steps

The Cheshire Vaccination Bank has received a significant amount of recognition from across the North West, and continues to register workers and volunteers to help administer the vaccination programme effectively across the region.

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