Grip, Control and Reduce your Agency Spend

Integrated Care Systems need to cut agency spending as part of a drive to locate achievable savings across the NHS. As a result, staffing is one of the big issues keeping NHS leaders awake at night because it consumes two-thirds of trusts’ spending.

Measuring agency spend and improving workforce efficiency is essential for systems to increase confidence ahead of the agency control measures being implemented, allowing them to focus on other key areas of improvement within their ICS.

How can we help? We provide a unique framework to help ICSs to meet the challenge of reducing agency spending, whilst improving efficiency across their workforce and supporting workforce transformation.


We partner with Trusts and ICSs to:

1. Identify root causes for agency demand using advanced analytics with mii People Analytics

A Foundation Trust has used our NHS workforce-specific business tool to intelligently combine data from 11 different workforce systems to get a holistic view of their workforce on one screen, identifying root causes for demand by triangulating data sources and gaining actionable insights.

2. Improve demand management from actionable insights into future workforce demand with mii People Planning

Organisations in Lancashire and Greater Manchester are using our innovative digital tool to capture key data on future recruitment demand, retention risks and critical succession gaps. One Trust identified 114 future vacancies which were not recorded on any of its internal systems, gaining an average of 80 days additional lead time to recruit, which helped them to proactively avoid filling them with agency staff.

3. Improve agency spend controls, governance and visibility through an integrated flexible workforce management platform with mii Flexible Workforce

A Trust in the Midlands has delivered significant savings, reduced reliance on agency supply, increased bank utilisation, and reduced operating costs through the adoption of our robotic automation technology. Over 12 months, locum agency spending was reduced by £500,000 per month, and the solution produced a 61% reduction in agency commission breaches, from 66% to just 5%.

4. Reduce reliance on agencies through solutions that grow internal Banks and develop ICS Collaborative Banks

Trusts belonging to a collaborative bank in North East England built a bank of 1,250 active doctors in training across 73 specialities, with 50% of doctors rotating around the region and an increase in bookings via the bank by 30% year-on-year.

5. Recruit and retain more permanent and bank staff with Digital Marketing Support that delivers agile and impactful candidate attraction

Collaborative bank Trusts in South West England used a digital marketing support service to attract new candidates to their banks with effective and engaging recruitment campaigns, leading to hundreds of unique applications each week and a 197% increase in bank shifts filled.

6. Free up clinical capacity, improve efficiency and reduce risk with advanced digital task management.

Each user at a South West England Foundation Trust’s out-of-hours team saved an average of 91 minutes per shift, with 85% of users reporting improved task allocation, using our task management solution.

Our solutions can be procured easily and compliantly from The Countess of Chester Hospital Commercial Procurement Services (COCH CPS). Access the framework and form a unique workforce transformation partnership to support meeting the agency reduction challenge set for your ICS.

Over one year…

Average locum agency spend reduced by £500k per month

15% increase in Bank fill rate

61% reduction in agency commission breaches, from 66% to 5%

Over the last 12 years we have processed and delivered…

£1.7 billion of temporary staffing expenditure

25 million hours processed and deployed in the NHS to meet clinical demands

£210 million net savings back to the NHS

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Find out more about our six-point plan for reducing agency spending in our latest blog. 

Current ICS Challenges

Elective Recovery

Optimising and prioritising waiting lists and implementing new ways of working to deliver more elective care to tackle backlogs.

The Solution – We recognise how important is to identify which patients are on which pathway, coordinate and plan care, and implement remote monitoring whilst getting on top of the backlog safely and quickly.


Recruit and retain your workforce, whilst protecting existing staff against increasing demands on NHS staff.

Solution – We can help you with solutions that can transform your workforce and provide tangible insights to shape your HR and improve data visibility.

Deficit Gap

ICSs must find 2.2% efficiency savings to close the deficit gap of more than £1bn in 2022-2023.

Solution – Liaison Financial can help you save millions per annum by identifying and recovering savings in non-pay expenditure, for reinvestment into healthcare.


Digitise, connect, and transform ICS technology – a core priority for the NHS to bolster the health service’s long-term sustainability.

Solution – Our product solutions can pave the way to skilling up the workforce, as well as digitising processes to work across the whole of an organisation or system.

Discharge to Assess

Improve the responsiveness of urgent and emergency care, and build community care capacity across your ICS.

Solution – We can help you understand which patients are on which pathway, coordinate and plan care, and implement remote monitoring whilst getting on top of the backlog safely and quickly.