What is Continuing Healthcare (CHC)?

8 July 2020

Liaison Care

Continuing Healthcare (CHC) is a package of care arranged for adults aged 18 or over, who have been identified as having a primary health need which requires ongoing care and/or support.

CHC is funded by the NHS and has to be assessed by a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), following a prescribed decision-making process to confirm eligibility.

CHC can be provided to those eligible either within their homes or in a care home, and covers services such as community nurses, specialist therapies or support for long-term or terminal conditions.

Many CCGs encounter a backlog of the assessments needed to consider CHC, which is likely to have been impacted further by the COVID-19 pandemic. CCG’s are required to make a decision regarding CHC eligibility within 28 days of receiving a completed assessment checklist or request for a full assessment, unless there are circumstances beyond its control.

If the CCG decides a patient is eligible but the decision comes after more than 28 days without a justifiable delay, the CCG is required to refund any costs of care incurred from day 29 until the date of decision. This adds an additional pressure and potential cost burden onto the CCG, often leading them to take on agency staff to clear backlogs.

In the current climate, it may be that the coronavirus pandemic is a justifiable cause for delay. However, backlogs will still need to be cleared in a timely fashion to meet the needs of those applying for CHC.

Liaison Care provides specialist transformation services, which empower CCGs to improve their end-to-end CHC service delivery, and allow for increased operational effectiveness – ultimately saving money and providing a more efficient service for applicants.

To discuss how Liaison Care’s services can benefit your CCG, please get in touch on 0845 603 9000 or email Phil Church, Managing Director for Liaison Care at pchurch@liaisongroup.com

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