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01/11/2022 service | Liaison Group

VAT Services

Liaison Financial’s established and effective VAT services are designed to ensure maximum VAT recovery and compliance.

01/11/2022 service | Liaison Group

Accounts Payable Reviews

We deliver both reassurance and savings with over 120 AP reviews each year, recovering more than £65m in overpayments and overcharges to date. This essential service provides savings through identifying duplicate payments, duplicate charges and unallocated funds.

08/01/2023 service | Liaison Group

CHC Invoice Validation Reviews

Supporting your Financial team with our bespoke Invoice Validation reviews, focusing on identifying and recovering overcharges and overpayments from CHC providers.

05/11/2022 service | Liaison Group

Private Patient Optimisation

This service includes a complete review of your Private Patient commercial infrastructure and processes. We are able to help with patient data, pathways, processes, credit control, contract management, pricing and profitability. Our experts provide strategic and operational support which leads to greater income generation and compliance as well as clinical and corporate governance.

04/11/2022 service | Liaison Group

Telecoms Reviews

An expert review of your telecoms arrangement; we identify areas that can be optimised to ensure a robust infrastructure for both current and future telecom needs and deliver an average saving of 20% of your current spend.

07/11/2022 service | Liaison Group

Non-Pay Analysis and Savings Service

Our experts perform a comprehensive analysis and benchmarking review of your organisation’s entire non-pay spend – not just those typically covered by procurement or individual departments. We identify, validate, and help deliver saving opportunities based on true current costs.