Meet Our Care Team

The Liaison Care Team has a wide range of CHC experts, including clinical and non-clinical staff who have substantial experience in the health and social care sector.

Our clinical staff include nurses with experience of adults and children’s services at local and national level, and social workers and Allied Health Professionals at practice and director level. We also have a range of project managers, and process and business improvement specialists. 

Phil Church
Managing Director

Following a successful career in the Telecoms and IT sector, Phil was introduced to healthcare over fifteen years ago, where he focused on turnaround, transformation and operational delivery. In that time, his roles have taken him up and down the country, working with Acute Trusts, CCGs, Care and Community Trusts, and Primary Care teams.

Phil has delivered many CHC transformation projects; he understands the delicate balance between CHC and Social Care, and has been heavily involved in the running, optimisation and efficiency of CHC delivery throughout his time commissioning healthcare.

Phil joined the Liaison Group as a Special Advisor in January 2020, before moving to lead Liaison Care later in 2020.

Kathrine Sherrington
Chief Operating Officer
Catherine O’Rourke
Commercial Director
Paul Twidale
Clinical Director
Amanda Johashen
Director of Strategy and Planning
Paul O’Connor
Sales Director for Liaison Financial and Care
Aprile Merriman
Senior Programme Lead
Wayne Liddle
Head of PMO and Customer Engagement
Gavin Turley
Head of Continuous Improvement