REC releases manifesto backing the NHS and care sector during Covid-19

5 May 2020

Liaison Workforce

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has detailed its four-point manifesto, entitled ‘Backing the NHS and care sector at a time of crisis’.

It aims to provide a roadmap to harness the expertise of specialist health and social care recruiters at the current time of national emergency as a result of Covid-19. The four points aim to help bridge staffing shortages and ensure that recruitment professionals are partners to the medical and care sector, including the NHS, during the Covid-19 crisis and in its aftermath.

The manifesto details how the government and recruitment sectors can work together to accomplish some of the following points:

  • Building agile and sustainable recruitment supply chains
  • Setting the correct standards for medical recruitment
  • Taking a lead on longer-term workforce planning via a review of future NHS and care sector workforce strategy

Judith Shaw, Managing Director of Liaison Workforce, says: “We support the REC’s intended aims in the manifesto, as Liaison Workforce has similar ambitions in providing the tools and knowledge necessary to allow NHS trusts and health boards to transform their workforce journeys, and work more effectively and efficiently with the recruitment sector.

“Our recruitment planning tool transforms an organisations ability to manage future workforce requirements. Our TempRE platform provides compliant processes for control and visibility of the temporary workforce, and our People Analytics solution takes disparate data sources from across an organisation to establish root causes of various issues across the whole of workforce and provide predictive insights for early intervention.”

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