Overseas support for children still essential during pandemic

21 May 2020

Liaison Group

Last weekend, a team of colleagues from Liaison Group were meant to complete the Five Peaks challenge to raise funds for the Liaison Amani Children’s Centre. Over the weekend, I found myself thinking back on my trip to Tanzania a little over 3 years ago, when I visited the Amani centre and saw first-hand the essential work they provide to street children. I remember how apprehensive I felt when I first arrived there, to then being in complete shock and a little taken back by the sheer size of the centre. I had underestimated what I was involved with and, at that time, what I was walking into.

I was welcomed in and instantly made to feel at home by the fantastic team who run the centre and, most importantly, I got to meet some truly amazing kids. Despite the various horrific situations all the children had once been in, they all now seemed genuinely so happy and grateful with where they were and what the Amani centre offered them – clothes, food, education, a safe place to sleep, and, most importantly, ongoing support. I was wholeheartedly taken aback by what I saw during my visit.

The work that Amani do is ongoing and, despite the current position we all find ourselves in, the Amani centre still needs our support to enable the centre to continue the great work that it does. Last weekend, we were meant to have completed the Five Peaks Challenge, which was to be one of our main fundraising events of the year. With events like these currently being cancelled, we find ourselves in a similar position to charities throughout the UK and worldwide, short of ideas on how to raise funds and the funding to continue their essential work.

It is on that point that I kindly ask you to consider supporting the Amani centre in any way you can. To find out more about the charity and the amazing work it does in helping children off the streets, please click here.

Thank you for your support.

Richard Nichols

Liaison Amani Children’s Charity Trustee

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