New video series provides platform to share ideas and innovation

17 May 2021

Liaison Workforce

At a time where our NHS continues to face unprecedented challenges and change, Liaison Workforce has launched a series of recorded conversations aimed to provide a platform for innovators in the healthcare industry to share their ideas and expertise to advance the NHS.

Released monthly, the conversations are designed to be enjoyed over a coffee, whilst walking the dog, or just to give the viewer a break from their emails. They’re available as videos, podcasts and transcripts to allow the viewer the choice of how best to enjoy them.

The first conversation welcomed Dean Royles, President of HPMA and Non-Executive Director at Humber NHS Foundation Trust, who addressed the issue of remote working, including how the nature of work, the workplace and the workforce has changed in the year since the emergence of Covid-19, as well as technology as a driver for necessary change.

“What the pandemic has shown us is that we change practices very quickly and engage people in doing that, and so people won’t want to be found napping on this and waiting to see how it works or if things will return to normal as other people will be developing changing practices and embedding new ways of working.”
Dean Royles

Our next conversation to be released is with Nicky Ingham, Executive Director of HPMA, who discusses the importance of professional development within the NHS, and gives her advice for both workforce leaders and individuals on how to achieve ongoing professional development.

“I think we do face a massive challenge in the NHS surrounding retention, the workforce is absolutely exhausted, it’s on its knees. But those organisations that have continued to develop and invest in their workforce will be in good stead for what happens going forward.”
Nicky Ingham

Liaison Workforce Commercial Director, Laurence Ansell, says: “We hope that these conversations will be of interest and use to those throughout the NHS, and will continue to participate in a range of discussion topics encouraging innovation and further thought to benefit our most valuable workforce.”

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