Plan published for ICS digital transformation

At the end of 2021, NHSX, now part of the NHS Transformation Directorate, published its strategy for digital transformation across the NHS.

9 December 2022

The plan, it states, is intended to describe what is being commissioned, and ‘what is being delivered when’, to enable frontline leaders to ‘plan with confidence’ and to provide ‘an understanding of the change being undertaken centrally’. Upcoming commitment milestones given in the plan include:

  • By January 2022, to have a digital people strategy for the workforce ‘which recommends the utilisation of existing, nationally provided tools that enable cross-organisation working, reduces the burden on frontline staff and allows staff to work more efficiently and flexibly’.
  • Also, by January 2022, for target architecture to be developed which will ‘enable providers to develop and refine the capabilities required to deliver services which will help to reduce inequalities, enhance efficiency and productivity and value for money’.
  • By February 2022, through collaboration with NHSEI, ICSs will ‘use Population Health Management analytics to make data driven decisions’ to support ‘COVID recovery and future system planning which will reduce health inequalities’.
  • By March 2022, ICSs are to be given a ‘place support offer’ to help them implement the What Good Looks Like guidance and produce a three-year digital transformation programme.

As can be seen through these commitment milestones, there is an emphasis on providing support to empower ICS leaders to actively develop digital transformation within their systems and ultimately achieve a universal baseline-level of digital maturity, including digitised health records, cyber security, skills, and connectivity.

Liaison Group CEO, Andrew Armitage, comments:

“Whilst the aim of reaching digital maturity across systems has long been an aim of NHS leaders, it is positive to see a plan and intentions come to fruition to help this become a reality. Digital ability and capability varies across systems, and the opportunity to work from such a plan will enable greater local collaboration and ultimately deliver better efficiency for staff teams.”

You can find the Digital Transformation in Health and Care delivery plan here

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