Daily staffing report proves invaluable in easing the pressure of understaffed wards

A few weeks ago, a Trust came to us with a common problem… they were finding that they were only able to find out about the staffing shortages within their wards and departments retrospectively, meaning that teams were often left short-staffed for shifts and individuals were faced with the pressure of covering for staff absences whilst also completing their own tasks and providing care.

9 December 2022

Using the data they provided, we were able to produce a report, the Daily Staffing and Unavailability Look Forward report, which is proving invaluable in saving staffing teams considerable daily administration time and allowing them to quickly act on upcoming staffing challenges.

The report validates data from existing workforce systems, proving a snapshot of staffing shortages today, tomorrow and the following day. Teams are then able to action the gaps identified at speed, accessing their staff float or collaborative bank to fill shortages before shifts begin.

We all know that staffing pressures have long been an issue across the NHS, and with the current anticipated challenges of mandatory vaccination meaning that staff may be lost or need redeploying, the strain of ensuring that shifts are filled and care is provided at safe levels for both staff and patients has never been felt more.

The Daily Staffing and Unavailablility Look Forward report is available for use across systems and NHS organisations, and is completely bespoke to their needs of the trust or ICS. It can be adjusted to ensure that we understand which wards and staffing groups you would most like to monitor are prioritised within the data, to ensure it has the most impact on planning and recovery.

At a time when the NHS continues to face staffing issues exacerbated by Covid-19 and its ongoing fallout, the report allows systems and workforce leaders to take a step towards getting on top of workforce shortages and accessing fast information to ease the pressure on staff, and allow the focus to remain on providing high quality patient care.

To view an anonymised version of the Daily Staffing an Unavailability Look Forward report and discuss how it could benefit your organisation or system, please get in touch at info@liaisongroup.com

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