Digital Passports to assist NHS workforces to be redeployed in Covid-19 staffing challenge

31 March 2020

Liaison Workforce

The HSJ has reported today that NHS England and NHS Improvement are working together with NHSX to launch a temporary digital passport which will store an embedded ‘licence to attend’ agreement and verified credentials, and allow individuals to move between NHS organisations to address staffing shortages or provide necessary redeployment in the fight against the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Such digital passports, which were originally announced by NHSE last year, would assist trusts in accessing the necessary individuals needed to staff surge wards or super surge hospitals, such as the upcoming NHS Nightingale Hospital in London.

Liaison Workforce has experience in establishing collaborative banks quickly across regions, allowing trusts to deploy and pay staff for the super surge hospitals being created throughout the country. Once launched, digital passports will further help to increase the speed of such redeployments and will support the effective use of workforce banks.

To find out more about how a collaborative bank could work for your trust in order to meet staffing demands during the coronavirus outbreak, please contact Laurence Ansell on  

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