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11/08/2022 post | Liaison Group

Super September aims to accelerate delivery of the elective recovery plan

09/08/2022 post | Liaison Group

Sir Jim Mackey calls for industrial rollout of patient initiated follow ups to end 78-week waits

04/08/2022 post | Liaison Group

Liaison Group appoints cohort of Strategic Advisors to continue healthcare mission

26/07/2022 post | Liaison Group

A Four-Point Plan for Reducing Agency Spend

27/06/2022 post | Liaison Group

The True Cost of DIY Business Intelligence for NHS Workforces

17/05/2022 post | Liaison Group

Slashing NHS waiting lists with task management tech

18/02/2022 post | Liaison Group

Liaison Group named the 26th Best Large Company to Work For in the UK

17/02/2022 post | Liaison Group

VAT from Scratch Webinar Recording, Feb 2022

16/02/2022 post | Liaison Group

Are you protecting yourself from duplicate charges and overpayments?

Our review is based purely on a contingency fee basis so if we find nothing, you pay nothing. There is no financial risk to your organisations and provides independent assurance over internal processes.

25/01/2022 post | Liaison Group

VAT on Income Webinar Recording, Jan 2022