£480,000 saving for North East Collaboration

The North East Collaboration has gained back over £480,000 from overcharges, identified and recovered by Liaison Financial’s CHC Invoice Validation Reviews.

Savings of over £480,000 through our CHC Invoice Validation Reviews

Over £60,000 in pipeline to be recovered

Process gaps highlighted and measures put in place

Five CCG collaboration

CHC Expenditure

The North East Collaboration has gained back over £480,000 from overcharges, identified and recovered by Liaison Financial’s CHC Invoice Validation Reviews.

The five CCGs commissioned Liaison Financials’ CHC Invoice Validation Reviews as an independent health check and to provide the CCGs with an additional layer of financial safeguarding.

The Challenge

The North East Collaboration consisted of five CCGs comprising of NHS South Tees CCG (Lead), NHS Hartlepool and Stockton on Tees CCG, NHS Darlington CCG, NHS Durham Dales, Easington and Sedgefield CCG and NHS North Durham CCG.

The collaboration outsourced the financial management and payment function for their continuing healthcare services locally, and had worked with them to tighten up processes. They agreed that Liaison’s CHC Invoice Validation Reviews would be a source of independent assurance that only accurate and legitimate payments were paid for the delivery of care.

The Solutions

The collaboration signed up to a suite of invoice validation reviews that covered a retrospective six year period.

To date, the team have completed reviews on:
• Deceased Patients
• Funding Allocation
• Local Authority Invoice Reconciliation
• AP Duplicates
Reviews tested the robustness of internal processes to ensure no erroneous
payments were made by way of overpayments or overcharges.

An initial CHC Implementation meeting started the process of identification and recovery, where the Liaison Financial team visited the collaboration to talk through the process and ensure that all parties understood what was involved and what was required to maximise success.

Our team confirmed the data requirements to ensure that there were no delays in the data collection process, as this would potentially delay the project.

We worked in partnership with the collaboration to manage the data gathering process.

The bespoke processes used within these reviews are designed to have minimal impact on the CCG’s resources, and following the implementation meeting, the reviews and the recovery are carried out remotely with all correspondence completed by phone and email.

Client communication is organised around the needs of the client with a range of methods available, including face to face, telephone and email. In this instance, each month, the lead CCG received a statement detailing activity to date and any recovery made on the Collaboration’s behalf, ensuring they were kept up to date with the progress.

This engagement ensured the project ran smoothly, providing a robust platform to deliver the commissioned service.

The Benefits

Financial savings of over £480,000 for the CCG collaboration, with the further potential £60,000.

Process gaps highlighted and measures put in place to ensure that financial processes are more robust and therefore avoiding future overpayments.

Professional communication from Liaison Financial, ensuring the CCGs were always aware of progress.

The Outcomes

From the CHC Invoice Validation Reviews completed to date, Liaison Financial have recovered £486,416 for the five CCG collaboration.

Over £60,000 is still currently being pursued with suppliers.

The CCG lead had originally assumed we would find very little overcharging errors, so was delighted not only in recovering the money, but also for the internal review of their processes to ensure that they can avoid making erroneous payments in the future.

The reviews weren’t without their challenges, but the way Liaison handled themselves was excellent. The correspondence, especially from the recovery team, was very professional.

Lynne Walton,
Deputy Chief Finance Officer,
NHS South Tees CCG
and NHS Hartlepool
and Stockton on Tees CCG

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