Savings solutions discussed at IHSCM’s ‘Power Hour’.

In the latest ‘Power Hour’ hosted by the Institute of Health and Social Care Management (IHSCM), a trio of Liaison Group experts shared some of the tools and solutions available to help NHS organisations unlock immediate cash savings, whilst simultaneously tackling growing deficits and releasing time to care.

3 July 2023

Liaison Financial’s Vicky Hughes spoke of the VAT re-reviews and Accounts Payable reviews which organisations can undertake to make savings on money already spent, saying: “Quick wins can be found from cash which has already been paid, which is often a location which is overlooked.”

Eduardo Leonardo of Liaison Workforce also looked at the range of options available for HR and staffing managers, and recommended “looking upstream” to understand workforce talent demand, and using that knowledge and data to take preventative measures to retain the workforce.

Ed also spoke of the importance of improving health and wellbeing for staff at NHS organisations, to increase retention and improve morale, detailing Liaison Workforce’s staff benefits salary sacrifice solution, and the savings it can achieve of around £400k per annum, per 5,000 staff.

Following this, Managing Director, Phil Church, shared Liaison’s Care shared benefit solution, which has already generated savings of £7million for organisations in 2023. He stated: “In CHC, it is now more difficult to find the resources needed and there is a patient at the end of every backlog – this is the problem we’re looking to help solve.”

In being a trusted partner to the NHS, Liaison Group is committed to supporting organisations to achieve cash savings which can be recovered to support short-term goals and reduce deficits, whilst also readying the organisation for future financial squeezes. Our experts also help trusts and ICBs to establish which solutions would be most effective for their needs, and advise on longer term solutions which may also assist in reaching organisational and NHSE targets. 

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