Responding at pace to the NHS’ needs

1 December 2020

Liaison Workforce

This year’s HPMA Annual Conference theme is Architects of Change, and will look at the transformation of the world of work within the NHS. This year has seen more change than ever in the face of COVID-19, and Liaison Group has been passionate about responding to the NHS’ changing needs and providing solutions which address these new requirements.

Over the past few weeks, Liaison Group, in partnership with Infinity Health, have been seeking to address the challenge of digitising the lateral flow staff testing process at trusts, enabling them to benefit from real-time reporting with a robust and reliable tool.

In line with the announcement that NHS staff would be required to self-test for COVID-19 from Monday 23 November 2020, Liaison Group and Infinity Health began to look at how the lateral flow testing process could be moved away from paper recording in order to help relieve current pressures, maintain capacity and support patient continuity of care in the face of the pandemic.

Infinity, a task management digital platform, is being used by several trusts across England and will benefit both staff and management by providing a consistent process to minimise the problems resulting from manual paper-based processes, and even online forms, which is key to gaining effective real-time reporting and producing the outputs that Public Health England (PHE) requires each week.

The digitised solution automates tasks, capturing statutory data that is a PHE requirement for a notifiable disease, as well as being used as reporting for infection control.

Bruce Thew and Vanessa Forster of Liaison Group will be attending the virtual HPMA Conference to provide a series of live sessions which demo the lateral flow testing tool and show how it has responded to solve a new challenge in the NHS. To join us, please join us on our virtual stand at any of the following times:

Digitise your lateral flow testing process at pace

Tuesday 1st December:

  • 11:00 till 11:30am – Bruce Thew, Chairman, Liaison Group
  • 12:00 till 12:45pm – Bruce Thew, Chairman, Liaison Group

Wednesday 2nd December:

  • 11:00 till 11:30am – Vanessa Forster, Group Investments & Partnerships Director, Liaison Group
  • 12:10 till 12:45pm – Vanessa Forster, Group Investments & Partnerships Director, Liaison Group

Alternatively, you can find out more and get in touch with us here: