NHS staff reflect on COVID-19 experiences in new report

30 June 2020

Liaison Workforce

The School of Health and Social Care at London South Bank University has recently published a report looking at the innovation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, and which of these changes it recommends are kept as we go “back to better” in the coming months.

The University produced a survey asking a wide mix of frontline, senior, board and middle leadership from differing NHS sectors to reflect on their coronavirus experiences. The responses contained some “remarkable advances” which helped the NHS to reach the levels it has aspired to be at in recent years.

During the few short months that the NHS has been tackling the COVID-19 crisis, the big picture found from the survey responses show that:

  • Staff are being properly valued and supported
  • 21st century tools are being used
  • Leaders are connected, engaged and visible
  • Care basics and inefficiencies have been fixed and sorted
  • Local Health systems are joining up together to get things done
  • Staff are working effectively in real teams
  • Staff have stepped up and are acting with professionalism and autonomy

As part of this, further advances in wellbeing in the workplace, the digitalisation of home working, and e-rostering have also made positive advancements.

However, the report also raises areas of concern from NHS staff, including PPE and shielding concerns, and that aspects of the “old world”, such as bureaucracy, deficit and dependency culture, should not return.

As also highlighted in our own report, COVID-19 – An Opportunity for a New Normal, the pandemic offers a chance for the NHS to make positive changes to improve the health service for years to come. From supporting trusts and health boards with the tools required to manage and support workforces when going “back to better”, such as collaborative banks and holistic transformations of the workforce journey, Liaison Workforce offers data solutions, intelligence and expertise to help ensure that workforces move forward from COVID-19 and return stronger than ever to address the ongoing demands of the NHS workplace.

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To read the London South Bank University’s report, please click here.