New challenges, new solutions

As we look toward the NHS’s 75th birthday tomorrow, we're proud to be a trusted partner of the NHS, supporting health and social care by generating savings for reinvestment.

4 July 2023

Andrew Armitage, Liaison Group CEO

However you look at it, things have changed since the pandemic. And whilst the world is largely back to ‘normal’, there’s a number of new ways of working and resulting pressures across many areas which shouldn’t be accepted as normal and can be bettered.

Over the past few months, I have been travelling across the UK, speaking to people in various systems and trusts, and hearing of the financial challenges being faced by NHS organisations as they adapt to new ways of working and try to meet the targets set by NHSE.

Across the NHS in 2022, we generated over £268million of savings – enough to fully fund the operational costs of a smaller trust. But our ways of working have changed too. In addition to our existing services across our Financial, Workforce and Care businesses, we’ve worked hard to respond to the challenges which have developed since 2020 and as such, have a renewed focus as a trusted partner to the NHS, specialising in recovering cash for reinvestment and freeing up time to deliver more care.

Through our focus areas of workforce, non-pay spend, and continuing healthcare, we’ve delivered over £1.1billion of savings to be released back into health and social care to drive system improvements.

So, if you’ve found yourself asking if cash savings can be found to aid post-pandemic recovery, support short-term goals and reduce deficits, whilst also readying the organisation for future financial squeezes, please get in touch. Our experts will help you to establish which solutions would be most effective for your organisation, and also advise on longer term solutions which can also assist in reaching your targets. 

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