Liaison Group Awarded Payroll Giving Platinum Award 2023

Liaison Group has been awarded with the Payroll Giving Platinum Award 2023, which is given in recognition of the organisation’s commitment in fostering a culture of philanthropy and committed giving in the workplace, by promoting Payroll Giving to the highest standard.

12 July 2023

The company has promoted Give As You Earn (GAYE) amongst its employees for many years, and as of 2023, has 67 donors pledging £8,244 per annum for the Liaison Amani Children’s Charity.

Ian Jordan, Liaison Amani Trustee and Senior Manager for Liaison Financial, says: “Being able to rely on regular income from GAYE to support the children at the home in Singida (which we support via the Liaison Amani Children’s Charity) is an essential part of our annual income. To date, we’ve raised over £347,000 for the charity, and we’re delighted that our finance and payroll team has been recognised through this award for their assistance in promoting and administering the GAYE scheme as part of that.”

The Government-endorsed Platinum Award showcases Payroll Giving excellence within businesses across the UK. Raising funds for charities across the world each year, Payroll Giving (also known as Give As You Earn) is an easy and tax-efficient way of making regular donations to charities directly from an employees’ pay.

To find out more about Liaison Amani, please click here.

Amani Centre for Street Children is committed to reducing the number of street kids in Tanzania.

Liaison Group has also been rated a 3-star company by Best Companies, recognising it as a ‘World Class’ Company to Work For.