Liaison Care in 2024: The Only Way Is Up!

Liaison Care has been on a significant journey of growth throughout 2023, but what’s in store for 2024?

23 January 2024

From focusing on helping NHS organisations to clear the Continuing Healthcare backlogs left in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, to providing an innovative support model and holistic consultancy and transformation service, Liaison Care has been on a significant journey of growth throughout 2023. And we plan to continue to provide high quality services for trusts, health boards and ICBs – and their patients – in the year to come.

Throughout 2023, Liaison Care has delivered real and recurrent savings of over £35million for a total of fourteen NHS organisations, and with exciting expansion plans coming to fruition in the early stages of 2024, is now the fastest growing care provision in England. At the end of 2023, Liaison Care has deployed our highly skilled clinical teams to provide average savings of £1million per week for the NHS, but always while working with compassion and precision to support individuals and their needs.

“The foundation of any thriving relationship lies in the dedication to understanding and supporting each other, and one of the standout qualities of our collaboration is the consistent and effective communication we’ve maintained throughout the relationship. Regular updates, prompt responses, and a shared commitment to keeping each other informed have been instrumental in the delivery of our projects.”
Sally Dore, Assistant Director of Nursing and Quality
NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICB

“I have been completing spot quality assurance checks (over the past few weeks) and have been very pleased with the high standard of work provided. There is clearly a consistent approach amongst your team, which has made my role in this simple and enjoyable. Each review has been detailed, displayed strong clinical understanding and reports have been well written. Recommendations following the reviews have been clinically justified and display a sound understanding of the eligibility criteria. The consistency in quality is greatly appreciated by our team and provides peace of mind that our clients are receiving thorough reviews.”
Sameena Turner, Practice Development Nurse/Complex Cases Team
Cambridge and Peterborough Integrated Care System

Liaison Care Managing Director, Phil Church, says: “Many people talk about partnership, but few can demonstrate it. A true partnership is one that strives for the delivery of excellence and is happy to be held accountable for that delivery – the feedback we have received from the organisations we work with shows that the services we provide are rightly widely valued.

“When I worked in the NHS, the model that supported CHC teams (such as agencies and other resources) had significant limitations in their ability to deliver consistent, high-quality decision making, which was a recurring worry. As a result, Care’s focus has always been to build an experienced and highly knowledgeable clinical team who can provide unrivalled support at the highest quality. We believe that this approach makes a real impact to both local CHC teams and to individuals and their families.”

Liaison Care’s team of healthcare and social workers, supported by our advisory team of senior clinical and financial figures from across the NHS, can give a unique insight into the challenges faced by CHC teams, and we can offer solutions and support to help overcome them. With a continued focus on quality for the New Year, we look forward to continuing this journey of growth in 2024.

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