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21 March 2024

Last month, I headed to Seattle for the HFMA NHS Finance Leadership study tour at the Virginia Mason Institute…

The Institute has repeatedly been named as a top hospital in the US, and the tour presented a fantastic opportunity to learn from their success and understand why the Institute has excelled, to enable us to apply our solutions and translate the learnings into success across the UK.

There are, of course, many differences between US and UK healthcare systems, but there were still great takeaways for both the NHS and Liaison Group as the same challenges remain across both countries, and they never go away.

I found that the Institute is empowered by the right tools and techniques to drive continuous improvement, leading quality-focused cultural change programs across the organisation to eliminate waste and foster ongoing advancements.

For example, there were numerous demonstrations of efficiency at the Institute. Lab technicians have their tools within an 18inch reach for convenience, and there’s no waiting in the emergency departments. Everyone knows what their role is and how to execute it. It’s been 17 years in the making, but there’s one clear vision across the organisation, and the ideologies and culture come directly from the top and filters down through all staff.

My travelling colleagues from the HFMA and NHS were a great group of people, who were all willing to learn from this fantastic Institute, and it was fascinating to hear their insights and questions.

Across Liaison Group, we developed a set of company behaviours which have been encouraged amongst our teams over the past 5+ years, based on the Fish! Philosophy, modelled after the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle. It is a business technique that is aimed at creating happy individuals in the workplace, and so I had to make a quick visit to see the fish market in action. It was a great opportunity to remind myself of our four behaviours – Be Present, Choose Your Attitude, Have Fun, and Make Someone’s Day – which we embody to work well together and be good colleagues, something we endeavour to be every day.


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